She sleeps comfortably, earns well and FLIRTS with other MEN while he cooks, cleans and presses her legs at night!

“Wo Soti hai, aur pati per dabata hai!”

This was what was told to me by a confidante that knows the gorgeous Pooja Madam Ji and as I shake with lust just THINKING about it, barely able to write this, barely able to stop my fingers from going to my NIPPLES, it reminds me of something.

Of what a husband’s true duty is.

Towards his wife, and to be frank, this applies for any m-f couple, really!

Pay the bills, be a perfect servant for her, amuse her, take ALL her whims seriously . . . and of course, do the cooking, cleaning, LICKING and massaging, and of course, press her legs at night so she can sleep comfortably!

Or her back and waist (aka Madam Pearl) . . .

Anyway, forgot to translate the Hindi bit.

Though my Hindi is rusty, it translates into something like what the the title of this post says, boy!

And I can almost see Memsahib (what a rush it is that Madam Pooja ALLOWS me to call her that – The Pooja in the Indian Goddess series did too after a while! ?)’s lovely, commanding, sneering and CUNNIGN eyes stare a hole though me as I write this.

See her sitting outside with that lovely BLUE sari . . . hiked up to mid calf, of course, gabbing away on the phone, usually to some guy while her husband stands or sits nearby.

And in real life, she’s the main wage earner for the family. I don’t know if her husband is a cuck sexually, but I DO KNOW that the cooking and cleaning duties go to HIM!

I do KNOW for a FACT that he’s the one that presses her feet at night for at least an hour or so until she’s snoring, and wakes up earlier than her in the mornings to make her breakfast before she goes to work!

And I do know that she’s one of the most gorgeously dominant ladies I’ve ever met, and from the subcontinent at that as opposed to China (mainland China! ?).

And right now, all I want to do is do the same thing for her.

Stare at her soles all night long as she relaxes, texting other men.

Listen to her taunt me about how many men approach her, how many she rejects, and how she REJOICES in telling people (men, really!) that she’s single, when she’s not.

And how she so expertly tutors younger ladies in the art of female domination, that oh-so subtle art, done not so subtly!

“MArd ki jagah Aurat ji Jooti hoti hai!”

A man’s place is always at a woman’s foot, under her SHOES, boy!

I can almost hear Madam’s voice say it, and on that note – I’m “out”! ? Back later.


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read about more SCINTILLATING tales of Indian femdom.

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