A pair of lovely, BROWN soles . . . staring right at me, in the FACE !!

Charan lagu, Memsahib JI! Perfect Memsahib JI!

Ever had the feeling of wanting to just drop down and . . . (for lack of a better word) just submit – ALL – and everything to a certain lady?

Upon seeing nothing but her bare soles, and usually not even the face?

I’ve had it so often!

I mentioned the lovely Chinese lady I once saw with feet crossed, sitting on a chait, and how I wanted to prostrate myself (pun intended! ?) at her lovely royal soles, and beg her to take command of my life, BANK ACCOUNT, and dick – and everything “in between!”

And today while doing pull-ups in the park, I saw a lady lying down.

Indian lady perhaps from the attire. Sari.

And she was resting, legs comfortably spread as I SO LIKE ladies to do (hey, why should boys have all the fun!! ?) with feet and soles poking out in the hot summer sun under the park bench.

Lovely soles. Broad. Sexy. And the toes perfectly shaped, and the anklet as well!

And NOTHING else. The sari wasn’t hiked up, like it usually is with Pooja Memsahib JI!

Now, whats so special about her, and why do I mention this incident, something that happens so often to me that’s its almost normal and on auto pilot?

Well, simple. Two reasons!

One, the lady’s face was anything BUT beautiful, at least by conventional standards, and then again even not perhaps by ANY standard.

I know that sounds harsh, but its true, and yet all I cared about was the sneer Madam gave me, and the “once over” before she lay down!

And I looked away, or I wouldn’t be able to complete my workout if you get my drift!

But I wanted to drop down and worship.

I wanted her to kick me in the balls, HARD for even having the sheer TEMERITY, for DARING to even THINK of looking at her royal, perfect soles!

I wanted her to ask Pooja Memsahbi Ji to kick me hard (she was lying nearby!) as she often does!

I want to SUPPLICATE myself in front of her, and if I fingered my ass a bit more than usual in the shower today, that’s why! ?

Madam Ji deserves it, and I did NOT cum!

Anyway, reason #2 . . .

Why do I see all this and meet dominant ladies so effortlessly? Many have asked, and I’ve covered this before, but I gotta say it again.

It boils down to one thing – your THINKING – and it’s not the sort of thinking you’re referring to!

It’s thinking DEEP DOWN inside at your core, and if you don’t change, you will never ever attract femdom to you truly my friend.

My apologies if that sounds harsh, but it’s true.

And that’s why I’ve got my course on attracting the dominant lady of your dreams to you, almost on auto pilot on this site – for you SERIOUS femdom lovers out there!

You lookie lous’ and those that just want a quick wank – well, please don’t invest in it (perhaps I should say “buy”) because you’ll be nigh disappointed. I did NOT write the course for you.

For those more interested in penny pinching, and the free stuff, well, please don’t get it.

But let me tell you this.

This one book WILL Change your life forever and if you’re truly serious about femdom, and DO desperately want to attract the lady of your dreams to you (dominant lady!) MORE THAN ANYTHING ELS EIN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, then THIS is the course you NEED to get!

Go here and grab it, my friend. It truly WILL change your life!!


Mike Watson

PS – Some have asked me what “benefit” they’d be getting by buying direct from me as opposed to from other book sites online. Well, my response has always been – from wherever you choose, my friend! But NOW, I’ll give you an added incentive to buy from me direct as opposed to Amazon etc – a DISCOUNT coupon, and a big, big one at that but ONLY for site buyers. Email me to find out more on this!

PS #2 – And yes, we have courses for every fetish out there. Including for you CUCKS (Cuck Central) and SISSIES (Sissy Central). Invest now, my friend. Truly a bargain “deal” at the price Im offering it at now, and given the results the people using it have gotten, the price can only go up, up and UP (unlike you know what, hehe ?).

PPS – Serious femdom lovers only, please! The REAL deal as I like to say, or the real “Mc Coy”!

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