What if I fart, boy?

Please do, Madam! I never would of course, or be punished severely (or have the butt plug “wriggle” a bit ?) . . . but you should, can, and I really hope you do MORE of it!

The first time it happened, I was tongue deep in Madam’s ass, and despite the very dominant vibe she was giving off, she paused.

And she apologized!

“I’m sorry! I . . . “

Yours truly at the time was too much in lust to THINK straight.

“Uh, ok . . .” and we continued.

And a month or so later, as I was tonguing her ass again, I said it. Blurted it out. Like those naughty confessions as she moaned both in pleasure and contentment.

Truly dominant is my Madam . . . JI! (just like Garima Madam Ji! ?).

Madam, thank you so much, I said. Out of the blue.

She didn’t reply.

“Madam Ji . . . “, “Madam Ji, please fart agai, Madam!”

And I said it.

Curiously enough she said nothing, and didn’t. Of course. It’s not as if those things happen on command. Just a “Hmm!” and we continued . .  .

And the next time it happened again, I thanked her profusely, as I did my Ms all those years ago!

Thankyou, Madam! Madam, I’m so honored to have you fart in my face!

Madam ji, I’m so honored that you allow me to worship your PRISTINE asshole from which your waste emerges, which is PRISTINE too, Madam ji!

Madam ji, Thank you, and THAnk you, Madam’s asshole!


And I kissed her ROSEBUD, that lovely fragrant ROSEBUD many more times as if I would smooch it, and thanked her for it, as shelay there, enjoying the ministrations.

She hasn’t yet shit on a plate for me (which was my next “request”) and I doubt that will happen.

Then again, who knows?

Maybe in a bag held by yoiurs truly? ?

And I often did this for my MS . . . the ass licking part. If you recall, she sometimes “couldn’t go rightaway”, but a good tongue licking and occasional fingering would do the trick, and I’d kneel by her, making SURE NOT TO lift my eyes from my feet until she was done, and then only to her ass crack, which I’d lovely wipe several times!

True devotion as it were, but these gorgeous ladies, and indeed ALL LADIES deserve it, boy!

And she’d often fart first thing in the morning.

And be UNAPOLEGETIC about it, which to me is the whole point!

Men belch and fart, and it’s accepted, but when women do it it’s unladylike?


“No fair”, and perhaps femdom isn’t either, but it goes a long way towards “settling the score” as it should be! ?

Ditto for spreading out on the bed and sleeping comfortably with legs spread . . .

. . . and so forth.

They deserve it. They’re superior. And that’s (another) the point of all of this isn’t it? ?


Mike Watson

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