My thoughts when my tongue is buried, deep, deep inside her PRISTINE, UNWASHED asshole . . .

My S.O. and me haven’t spoken a lot today.

She’s busy at work sitting on her laptop . . . but guess what.

We’re both drinking tea. And I’m making sure to keep her glass filled at all times.

What I really want to do is worship her MORE right now, but she’s busy, so . . . but, I’m making sure to keep her tea glass filled at all times. Even if she just sips from it, I’m making sure to refill it so the tea stays “warm” with fresh tea.

She deserves it, and what I want to do more than anything else is beg to take those lovely shorts of hers off and lick her ass for hours, ages, and constantly . . . and she just ENJOYS the sheer feeling of being “probed” by a willing tongue, and occasionally finger. . .

And my thoughts when my head Is buried deep inside her musty ass ?

Well, . . . !

“Madam, I love it when you so denigrate me verbally!”

A satisfied laugh.

“Well, that’s what you are boy. A useless and pathetic cuckold that can’t satisfy his woman in bed, so I might as well get some use out of you!”

(YES, it’s true. She says that!)

“Madam, please make doing the dishes my job permanently!”

And often times, guess what.

After half an hour or so of ass licking, she’ll get back to her work. And she’ll order me to do the chores, horny as heck, without even any “release”!

I don’t mean orgasm by release.

I never get those. All I get it is nigh on perfectly RUINED ORGASMS, and since that’s what I deserve and want, and that’s what keeps on edge and horny for this Goddess, I’m so happy with those!

While she gets plenty of orgasms, of course . . . as and when she chooses!

And my thoughts, or back to them.

“Madam, please chat with more men! I’d love for you to send your boss my pictures (Madam Mona!) and talk about me. I’d love for you to talk to other men and tell them your single and need to be FUCKED hard, and use them for what they’re worth!”

A satisfied giggle. Remember, she hasn’t progressed to that level as yet.

She hasn’t read Cuck Central either though! ?

Madam, please fart on me!

And I’ll kiss her ass cheeks while saying that. IN fact, her ass cheeks, feet and hamstrings are what I kiss the most, after giving her a back massage which she often demands like the Gorgeous Goddess Pearl did!

Madam, thank you so much for using the bathroom before! It’s an honor to wipe your ass after you go!

And all the while my tongue will try and probe deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper. If it was a stud I was serving, I’d probably be licking his prostrate by now!

And that’s how I love it.

I love serving her so much – – and she deserves it!

OK, off to fetch Madam more tea. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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