Put my slippers on your head, BOY!

Dear Reader,

I still remember that one night I asked my S.O. very respectfully to remove her flip flops . . . which were right by yours truly HEAD as I prepared to make my bed on the floor, and SLEEP.

I still remember it!

“Madam, would you mind if I removed your slippers and put them there!”

She was irritated about something or the other.

“Yes, I’d mind boy!”

And then . . . “Just shut up! Put those on your head and sleep . .  BOY!”

And ever since then, those slippers have been right at my “headstead”!

Last night, I accidentally lay down on the bed full stretched.

Which she permits, of course, but I omitted to remove my slippers.

Oh boy!

“BOY!! How DARE YOU PUT THEM near where I sleep!”

Or I think she said “on where I sleep”

I don’t know, but I hadn’t done that. I wouldn’t dare to!

But my feet were near where she normally put her head. Cardinal sin if any . . . BOY!

My SO is such a perfect, supreme, Goddess like being, and if she told me to put her shit on a plate and eat it, I probably would!

(NB – Nah. Keep it SSC always, but you get the drift!)

I SO WISH I could do the dishes for her right now (she’s ordered a break for me as we speak).

Before writing this, I asked her if she wanted tea. I gave it to her all morning, of course as part of my duties.

Daily duties, which I’ll write about very soon.

A casual shake of the head, feet up on the bed, and back to the laptop.

I’ve NO Doubt she’ll summon me very soon  . . . but for now, I LOVE her slippers being right next to me when I sleep.

I did with Ms. Priyanka as a matter of routine, and Miss Summer, perfect Miss Summer. And my SO now too, and that’s how it should be . . . boy!!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI!

Thank you SO MUCH for calling me a loser who sucks dick and doesn’t know how to use his own, and can’t, and is NOT a REAL MAN!

As she once said smugly, “you don’t like sex! You just like to suck men’s penises!”

Yes, Ma’am. Your’re right. A true cuck if any, and the one thing we have NOT done as yet is for you to cuckold me as YOU truly DO deserve, because YOU DESERVE – the VERY BEST – of BOTH WORLDS!

AND that is what makes it all so worth it, Goddess, as I wrote about before!


Mike Watson

PS – Off to make her some jasmine tea now,  but I’ll be back soon! ?

PS #2 – Here is the story about Princess Joanie, and how she so expertly ensared me – Princess Joanie (the one and only!).

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