A real LIFE example of how my SO shits on me, and USES me!

So she’s on the phone, my lovely SO. As usual.

And IGNORING me as usual, as her her lovely dirty SOLES lie STRAIGHT where I sleep at night . . .

. . . and without knowing it, she does exactly what turns me on!

That being to, ah, but we’ll get there.

So I think I recall I spoke about her talking “down” to me and verbally denigrating me during our recent fights. And arguments. And again, NOT fetish related,  and naturally, and without meaning to!

And while that fight ended a long, long time ago, the attitude remains.

That lovely, sexy, BITCHY attitude which sometimes drives me insane, and usually drives me insane with pure LUST if you get my drift.

Haha. I’m sure every TRUE FEMDOM LOVER will! ?

And its not for nothing I wrote the last email on conditioning. My SO was the exact opposite when I met her, and now . . . !

And it’s only started!

Anyway I’ve been repairing her computer as of late. Anytime she has a problem, she beckons me, which is normal, but I was the one that suggested helping with computers etc as well, again, NOT because of fetish.

And of course, now when she needs the slightest thing done to the computer guess who she calls.

When I ask her about details, background etc of the problem, she smacks me on the back of the head.

“I don’t know, BOY! Just fix it! “ (with that LOOK)

Sometimes she shrugs.

“I don’t know, bitch! It’s not my area!”

And after I fix it, much chastened, after many hours, I tell her what was wrong.

And when her friends have the same issue, which apparently they do?

They ask her.

And she tells them.

“Wow!” her friend told her this afternoon (a minute or so before starting this post). “You truly are a smart lady!!”

With that tinge of “jealousy”, if you get my drift!! ?

And she is.

She’s one of the smartest ever, and knows how to keep a man at HEEL, and knows how to make other women turn GREEN with envy at the docile sub she’s got – and will always have probably!

Paye Lagu, Madam . . . JI. You truly do deserve it, and yours soles drive me crazy with lust. Please, please, please smack me on again right now!!


Mike Watson

PS – To the back of the head, as you verbally denigrate me . . . from the heart, as you deserve, and is TRUE! ?

PS #2 – Her eis where you can read more “hot” tales like this – – and much LONGER ones at that – –  Mike Watson’s Chinese Femdom Collection.

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