Madam, and that lovely “bitchy” look and attitude I so LOVE!

Remember that girl I once told you about wayyyy back when I was 19?

My ex girlfriend she was, and you “faithful” on this list no doubt know about what happened outside a sorority one night in the American South when she asked me in no uncertain terms to go to counseling.

I didn’t, of course. Though I didn’t know as much about fetish back then as I do now, I knew it was nothing AT ALL to be ashamed of, and I knew that you can never ever really get away from you truly are.

And if you’re into femdom, cuckoldry, sissification and the like, well, you’re not only at the right place (here) but “cloaking” or … whats the word, ah, burying those desires in a veil or shroud of so called normalcy will never work.

And hence many a failed relationship for many people, more than you can care to count!

Whats normal anyway?

The high powered lawyer who goes home to be tied up in pink handcuffs and have his butt whipped?

Or the football players dressing up in pink panties? ?

Or yours truly, outwardly the most alpha ever, and inwardly, well . . .!!


You know what I mean.

And that’s the reason I put the kink counseling page out there, of course, or a combo of all the above reasons.

Now, I just saw a movie.

And the lady in it had such a DELIGTFULLY bitchy look to her (well, one of the ladies).

And contrary to what you might think, despite the plethora of Asian ladies, all of whom turned me on immensely (especially one damsel with her feet in the cross legged “yoga” position), this was a white lady.

An OLDER white lady, but she was so deliciously bitchy to the guys that my dick instantly arose.

This after the exertions I wrote about in the last email! Hehe.

And I just know there will be another sissygasm around the corner. Perhaps in the shower, who knows, but as Madam stared at her perfect self in the mirror with that deliciously “I’m the best, BOY!” look and that sexy British accent . . . and her lovely fingernails painted that shade of red . . . well, I couldn’t help it.

But wait a minute.

I started off with my ex, didn’t I? And counseling.

And she once famously asked me this “Honey, just why do you want a woman that talks to you and treats you in such a nasty bitchy manner?”

Little did I tell her, or COULD I tell her, that .  . . !

Madam Pearl asked me much the same thing.

“Dear, is this how a girlfriend is supposed to talk to her man?”

And in that case, of course, I DID explain it well enough, hence the wonderful experiences that followed that I would not share for anything in this world!

And that’s that for now, and hopefully a valuable lesson for the reader to learn (at least in terms of TRUE FEMDOM, hehe).

Madam, thank you SO much for being bitchy. It’s your right to be so, the more the better, and I love you for it!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read the entire tale on Pearl and the findom that followed! ?

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