Perfect Madam Summer, and her lovely pink slippers (again! ?)

“Down, boy!”

As she arrived home, she might as well have uttered the words, but as she (for once) tried to take her lovely slippers off by herself (shoes, actually, pink tennis shoes! ?), I rushed to her aid.

I fell to my knees as she haughtily put one foot on my thigh, and ignored me. Checking her phone of course.

But I could feel the words, the unspoken words . . .

HURRY, SERVANT BOY! I don’t got all day! ?

She collapsed in a heap, tired on the sofa and put her feet up, socks still on. I rushed to fetch her a bowl of water from the kitchen.

Just the RIGHT temperature, boy!

. . . and I made sure to pay attention to that. Madam has smacked me on the BACK of the head for far less . . .

(And the words she uttered shortly after me rang out in my head. “You should find a girlfriend, and cook and clean daily for her, boy!”)

Madam Summer is married, of course.

But once she knew that didn’t deter me (and truth be told, she knew this from the get go, so powerful was the female dominant vibe coming from this lovely 45 year old lady from the Chinese mainland) it was green lights.

All signals go!

I washed her feet assiduously.

But wait. She was on her phone, soles wagging at me and I took her her sweat stained socks and run my palm over her feet FIRST.

BEFORE putting it in the water (them, and if you are wondering why, do it to youself after a long day once and you’ll know!).

And the words did ring out.

“Wash my feet, boy!”

Which I was doing of course, before she told me, as she lazed back in the recliner, rocking back and forth, looking straight at me, eyes boring STRAIGHT into me with that look. Oh, that LOOK in the eye . . . BOY!

Madam’s lovely pink slippers that I wrote about were beside me all the time.

And though avid readers of this email newsletter know that Miss Summer was my next door neighbor last year, they don’t know what I wanted to tell her the day before I left (all I did actually was hand her some stuff that I wouldn’t be using anymore and that it didn’t make sense for me to take . . . ).

(Always the nicest neighbor eh? ?)

And you can read about her pink slippers on the blog but I wish I had asked her the following.

“Madam, please do me the honor of giving me your old pink slippers as a gift”

Yes, I’d pay for ‘em!

(For those in the know, you know her 14 year old daughter wears those now while she wears other, but those dusty pink WORN slippers are what I want).

Much like a guru and his (her) discipile, I want to prostrate myself in front of her lovely pink slippers.

Put them on my desk as I work.

On the table as I eat, and kiss them while I Do so.

On the pillow beside my head as I sleep.

And I did all of this, and more, and Ill close by saying this- Madam Summer, you’re just perfect, and words fail me!


Mike Watson

PS – This was the DREAM I’ve been having all night long, and in case you are wondering if these dreams ever came to reality – oh YES – they DID. There is a damned good reason I talk about femdom mixed in with MORE than a dab of reality in my books! You can check out the Chinese femdom collection right here (compilations of course; great value for $!!).

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