A broke ass fitness guy with weird preferences . . .

Well, weird to most people! ?

Anyway, when I first met the lovely Carol, her of the lovely, soft feet, it was attraction at first sight pretty much.

When I first met her, it was as an English student, and I added her WeChat idly, and for a change, I was NOT talking to her because I liked her sexually.

And curiously enough, THAT relationship became one of the very closest I’ve EVER had with a Chinese female. In fact, I came damned close to marrying her, and that in itself should be a lesson on getting to know her first . . . BOY!

And it’s one of the cardinal rules laid out in the BOOK on attracting the dominant Chinese lady of your dreams without much external effort, and it should be a cardinal rule for most men anyway.

Sure, it’s fine to be attracted to her at a certain level, but get to KNO WHER – and HER MIND – FIRST!

I really cannot emphasize how important that part is . . .

Anyway, at the time of meeting I was pretty broke, and that changed shortly thereafter, but at that point, I was BROKE.

Didn’t have a penny to spend pretty much.

And what I did have, I tried spending on her.

And as I detail in the book on it, so much for all Chinese women being materialistic.

She wasn’t, but then again, it was ROMANCE in the budding as it were.

And of course, it wasn’t long before I started to kiss her feet, and I still remember her asking me as she lay in my arms after the “act”.

“Why you like my feet? Tell me!”

Funnily enoygh, I didn’t give her the ENTIRE story until we broke up, and I still remember her giggling.

“You first man I meet who likes foot! I know, some Hong Kong magazines have this one!”

I still remember her saying that in the park, those lovely pink tennis shoes on . . .

. . . And the point of me telling you all this?

Is to reemphasize yet another cardinal law of attraction . . . to Anything.

BDSM included.

Be comfortable in your own skin. Be comfortable with who you are!

If being a cuck turns you on, for instance, and you’re worried about “if it’s normal” – CAST those worries out of your mind.

If you like feet, then you like feet!

And so forth.

So long as it’s SSC, that’s all that counts, and that’s why I’m writing to you about it now!


Mike Watson

PS –  Let me know your thoughts on this as well! ?

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