Tujhe kisne Rokne ko Bola! Chal, Chalu Rakh!

What a powerful scene indeed it was!

I don’t know why, but writing about the gorgeously dominant and older lady Pooja Madam Ji got me thinking about this.

And a long long time ago, I watched a Bollywood flick.

Yours truly, despite what you might think is NOT a huge fan of Bollywood at all, but I have to admit they DO have femdom in some of those movies, and the way it’s done oh-so-naturally is sucha turn on my friend.

You know what I mean.

The REAL stuff is what impacts you the most.

When you say something, if you say it from the heart, chances are others will listen more so than if you said it without really feeling or meaning it.

And it’s the same with femdom, and the LOOK in the eye, which can only come if she’s truly into it, and that, BOY, is why it’s never about her looks or age.

It is about her mind, and nothing else!!!!!! And that holds especially true for femdom.

So, an older lady was getting her feet rubbed by a servant in the subcontinent in the movie.

And she was chatting with a couple of other “equals” as opposed to the inferior groveling in what would seem to be a most uncomfortable position at her feet.

(It’s funny, but despite the recent spate of femdom out there women are some times the very best when dominating other women! ?).

And humiliating them . . .

. . . and as they got tired of talking, Madam asked her colleagues to stop.

“Oh, it’s OK. Lets stop now. Lets go to bed!” (or something to that effect, and it was said in Hindi).

I can’t remember exacrtly what they said or what movie, but again, it was something to that effect.

And the servant girl, exhausted from her efforts (she had been massaging Madam for a long, long time!) stopped as if on auto pilot.

As if on auto pilot, the SMACK came.

To the back of the head!


“Who told you to stop, bitch?? You keep massaging me!”

And that’s the import of what the HEADER of this email says, and if you’re truly into femdom, and into Indian femdom at that, you’ll have read past it as opposed to “glancing past it”. Hehe.

And as the unfortunate servant girl kept massaging, I SO wished I was doing the massage for Madam!

And that she’d smack me more! ?

And so it goes.

Keep serving her, BOY! It’s never enough.



Mike Watson

PS – Read more about tales of (true, by the way! ?) Indian femdom HERE.


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