The Indian Goddess I saw at the store . . .

A year or so (actually a couple I believe), I was traveling in India.

Yes, the subcontinent! ? And yes, the SAME city where I first met Garima Madam, or should I say it’s “sister city”.

The two are so interlinked that they could be called the same city (well, pre-COVID19 anyway) and for more on that, and where exactly perfect Madam Garima (JI!) was from, you’ll have to read the book.

But anyway. . . .

I believe my S.O. had ordered me out of the house to go get some eggs.

“Eggs, boy!” was the command as she sat with her lovely bronzed legs up on the bed and I stood meekly behind her, the perfect cuck if any!

And as I went to the store (in reality a tiny little neighborhood “dwelling” turned into a store of sorts with the most basic iterms and nothing else), I was thinking of this and that.

Anything but femdom, actually.

But you KNOW what they say, hehe.

It’s not what you think consciously. It’s what you think SUB consciously, boy, and that’s why I wrote the book on attracting femdom to you in all it’s shape, guises and forms without even thinking about it.

And yes, it applies to all ladies, not just those from the Chinese mainland. I grow weary of saying this. I simply tailored the title the way it is because of my own preferences (no, I wasn’t looking to create a title just to get sales! ?).

But it applies to all ladies.

And apart from the book on ruined orgasms, and the Ms. Priyanka novels, it is by far our most popular and indeed a BESTSELLER.

Anyway,  a girl greeted me at the store.

A dark skinned Indian girl, wearing traditional garb. Salwar kameez I believe it was.

And the colors set her skin off perfectly, and nothing except her feet and face were visible, and that too behind the counter so I couldn’t really see much.

I’ve written before on how the SARI is one of the sexiest pieces of Indian female (or if you’re a sissy, for YOU! ?) attire as well, but in my opinion, the SALWAR KAMEEZ, especially them tight legged ones lend themelves even better to femdom.

Nothing is visible.

Just the ankle and foot, and unlike looser garments or the sari, you couldn’t see Madam’s legs even if you wanted to.

And that’s how it should be. . . BOY!

You get to see her feet, and . . .

. . . And as I looked in Madam’s eyes, and asked her the price of eggs, I felt something.

“170 Rupees”, she replied, giggling, staring straight at me.

She KNEW . . . ! ?

Even though she didn’t know consciously, she knew and felt it (much like perfect Madam Ankitha who I wrote about earlier probably did as well).

And as she stared at me, I asked her if I could have it at a somewhat lower price.

“Sure! Take it!” she giggled away, looking STRAIGHT at me!

And that look in her eyes, the understated SNEER on that lovely INDIAN face, those lips, the way the fingers were held (they had long nails and were painted purple!) and of course, the VIBE Coming off Madam herself warrants a mention here!

She’s probably wearing a mask right about now (being it’s COVID time everywhere) . . and just a look at those eyes, even with the Mask.

Those eyes, and the VOICE . . . OH BOY!

And I’ll write about that later, perhaps! ?

Adios for now. Back soon!

Best ,

Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is where you can read more such scintillating tales of INDIAN femdom –

P.S #2 – And no, despite many inquiries, NOTHING is for free on the site. If you’re on this list just for freebies, might as well opt out NOW my friend. ?

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