Paye Lagu, Perfect Goddess Anne!

She’s one of the ladies I haven’t written about AS EXTENSIVELY as I have some of the others.

But believe it or not, she’s one of the Goddesses regardless, and an “excruciatingly young and beautiful one at that”.

In fact, when I met her, she was the perfect age.

26 . . .

And of course, she was looking to get MARRIED.

Not just to anyone, of course. ? With a man with money, that could support her as she DESERVES to be.

One night, Madam was showing me bras and panties she had bought from the neighboring mall.

And she was talking about the cost.

It was sort of expensive, I thought, for what she got, and she picked up on this. That lovely VIBE these Chinese ladies, and when it comes to MONEYYYY! ?

As Madam Venus said, it’s always about MONEY first.

Money and men, but preferably MEN WITH MONEY! ?

And she asked me this.

“Do you think its expensive”, with a giggle.

I didn’t reply.

Little did Madam Anne know that I myself wanted to wear those clothes, as well as the lovely red little mini skirt she was wearing.

The same one she wore when she met me that first day . . .

When I met her one fine afternoon (the first time at her house), she was on her “rag” as they say.

And so when I took her to bed, she was kind of surprised.

“No, I can’t, I can’t . . . “ she said.

But as I moved her mouth to my nipples, it didn’t take much at all for me to explode!

In a fountain of ectasy, and Madam was “wowing” as she saw the cum explode out of my (admittedly large) cock . . . but a DIFFERENT one (the phimosis! ?).



She kept repeating this over and over again, and then went off to the kitchen to cook a sumptuous dinner for us while I rested from my “Exertions”.

But though you might think she’d give me a blowjob later, and other things, nothing doing!

She did NOT give me a blowjob Never ever, hehe.

“I don’t like it!”

And though she gave me a massage the first night she was together with me, after that?

“I’m tired!” she would say, before flouncing off to bed like a Queen.

Always on the phone . . .

And I haven’t mentioned this, or maybe I have . . .

She had another guy on the side while she was with me, and she kept that guy on hold while she was with me. Hardly ever chatted with him.

And while he was kept on hold, she was with me . . . until it lasted. Why did it break up, you ask?

Well, communication.

Anne and myself still talk these days.

Despite the fact she’s married and has a kid.

And if both of us could go back and REVERSE things (in terms of communication), we would. Hehe. And she’s said it, and so have I . . .

And its HER feet on My Twitter profile, a true Goddess if any!

I remember her often. So bad, and I’d do anything to press her feet at night again, and so would she (probably)! ?

And on that trip down memory lane, it’s adios. And no, I have not put out a book on her as yet, though it’s in the works!


Mike Watson

P.S. – “Serving Anne” is in the works, but another highly popular book in my collection is “Serving Ann”. The only difference is the “e” you might think and in certain regards you’d be right. And in certain regards, NOT! Find out more right here:

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