Shes a Goddess, and she’s perfect, and she knows it . . .BOY!

For a change, I was trawling through my Facebook.

For one of my other businesses (the fitness one I believe).

Now, for those that don’t know, I have multiple Facebook accounts, and NOT even a single one for Spicy and Erotic Fetish.

Despite the plethora of folks out there that DO have Facebook accounts dedicated purely to foot fetish etc, I do not have one, and will never have one.

And Facebook’s response to me when I first tried getting one wasn’t very inspirational to say the least. They aren’t just skittish about political posts that they don’t agree with (apparently FB and Twitter and both run by the lunatics from the far left these days) but also anything remotely resembling adult, even if it isn’t porn.

Anyway . . . that’s one thing.

But yeah, on one of my other facebook accounts, I keep, for whatever reason, getting Vietnamese ladies adding me left, right, center and willy nilly.

And they’re all gorgeous!

And sometimes, just sometimes, like I do on WeChat with these Chinese Goddesses, I’ll add a girl on Facebook (probably from Vietnam).

And as I did this today (oh, and if you’re interested in how this happens to me on auto-pilot, and how I “seek out femdom” much like a missile seeks its target without being aware of it . . . well, two things: 1) sign up for the list, and 2) invest in the best course there is on this!).

And yes, #2 is required.

I told Thomas that.

I told other people that.

And they didn’t want to invest, and eventually thew a hissy and left. So if your intention is simply to stay on the list for the freebies, but never invest in a product, and then later complain about not being able to find true femdom, well, you might as well unsubscribe right NOW, hehe.

Anyway, where I?

So the girl I added.

The Goddess.

Dressed in green.

A green T-shirt.

And much like with many of the other Goddesses I talk to and have served, she is nothing at all spectacular to look at if you talk about “normal standards” (the hypocritical standards).

I’ve long since maintained though that it ain’t about her age, looks or body my friend.

IT’s about her MIND. That confident look, that VIBE, that sheer DOMINANT manner in which she looks at you, that KNOWING LOOK in the eye, and Vietnamese ladies do it pretty well too!

And as she stared at me through the screen, I could almost hear it, much like with Princess Joanie.

Go ahead, BOY!

You know your place is under my feet at some point, so there is no point delaying the inevitable!

Down, boy. NOW! I’m a supreme Goddess, and I know it, and so do YOU!

. . .

. . .

And there’s nothing more to say, is there? ?


Mike Watson

P.S. – And yes, I KNOW you’re curious about Princess Joanie. No point delaying the inevitable my friend. Invest in the book right now, and you’ll quickly find out just why Chinese ladies are the very best at being UBER dominant from the get go –

P.S #2 – Here is where you can invest in my information products –

P.P.S – And for general femdom, here is where you go –

P.P.S #1 – and for freebie seekers . . . ah, but we covered that did we not? ?

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