“My organ is fine, Madam! Especially after seeing YOU . . . “

So, a lovely ravishing Chinese lady added me on WeChat, and as happens so often, I was taken for a LOOP.

Quite literally.

The picture shows her sucking on a Lollipop with THAT look in her eye . . .

Oh boy! ?

And as I spoke to her, and said Hello, she sent me a bulk message.

Normally I translate these, but I didn’t bother this time.

And I just continued the conversation, which she responded to in English.

“Hello! I sell male health care products. Do you need?”

To those that don’t know, it means Madam sells SEXUAL health products for men, apparently something that is in huge, huge demand in mainland China over the past few years.

Perhaps my books on Cuck Central and Sissy Central have truly taken hold in the mainland (as they should! ?) and there are more sissies and cucks out there than real men?

Who knows! ?

Anyway, I responded with the following and meant every word.

“Madam, I don’t need it! My organ is fine . . . especially after looking at your picture!”

And I mean it. Especially after the rush of blood to my loins that I experienced after WRITING This.

Her name is Princess Mei, (Mei Mei translates to little sister in Chinese, hehe, as well as something else I won’t reveal here) . . . and she’s a Queen, and I wasn’t shy about telling her that.

And she responded with . . .

. . . several guffaws, which did NOTHING to “Cool my blood” down, hehe, or my raging boner which thankfully is unlocked today (Princess Tina was merciful!).

Something that I’ve noticed though which I find a bit funny is this – while the equivalents of Viagara etc are sold widely online here, there are hardly any stores selling prostrate massages, dildos etc.

They DO exist, but the humiliation industry (geared towards men) in China is woefully lacking, which is surprising given the apparently huge number of cucks out there.

(and the TRULY dominant ladies!).

“You want me to plug you in the ass, boy!” I still remember Madam Pearl triumphantly proclaiming.

But it took us a while to find the right toy, I’ll be honest!

And I can only think of two reasons for this – one men not ACCEPTING who they truly are at the CORE (and yet WANTING it, and therefore the demand for . . . ) . . .

. . . or two, maybe they have a different way of wanting to be humiliated! Maybe the humiliation involves TAKING them pills, and paying the ladies more and more money until their pecker either starts working, or their wallet dries up, hehe.

These ladies are truly gorgeous, dominant and SECOND TO NONE!

And on that note, I saw a rather extreme site that’s been doing the rounds on Twitter these days – with EXTREME ball busting fantases that made me ache (NOT in a good way) just by reading them!


But then again, that’s what cucks deserve, hehe.

Thank you, ladies – you truly do make it worth it!


Mike Watson

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