Two women . . . and a CUCK . . . for him!

A while ago, I watched a wonderful porn movie.

Actually, it was more soft porn than hard (despite sex being in it) given the standard of porn these days, but it was still sexy as hell.

There was a African dude in the movie (black guy, but the accent seemed from somewhere in Africa) and he was teaching three Chinese (or Asian, I should say, perhaps) “cougars” (and extremely attractive ones at that! ?) English.

Of all things.

An obviously “non-native English speaker” teaching English . . . and this is so common in China.

The blind leading the blind, as it were, hehe.

And while this is very common in China indeed (and one of the reasons ESL is nothing but a crock for the most part), that’s not why I’m writing this.

It’s because . . . well, there were three ladies.

Two sitting by the “teacher”, and a third at his feet.

And as the class was over, he got up to leave.

Except they didn’t let him leave . . . (and believe me, I’ve had my fair share of that in the mainland, hehe).

And two of them unbuttoned his shirt, and started sucking his nipples while the third lovingly unbuttoned his pants, and let that floppy long BLACK DICK fall out.

It almost struck her on the nose, much like it did me so many times (Master Jerome) and the girl giggled as she bent to her task, one she enjoyed.

And I almost came, watching the three girls service him.

After that, he mounted one of them, and blew a load.

Repeat with the second, and the third . . . well, as he was getting blown yet again, it speaks volumes to his stamina if anything else!

A true stud, and I’ve often seen these type of men with Madam Su.

THAT is what she meant that one fine evening when she told me so sagely “If you can’t satisfy me in bed, I’ll find other men! And you can’t find other women, of course, boy!”

And what she meant was a man that could keep going . . . for her, and her alone, as she relaxed and enjoyed! ?

Anyway, I’ve often had fantasies about this movie.

“Gay” fantasies as some would put it.

And “sexy” fantasies as I’d put it. Cuck paradise.

I’d give anything to be the third girl, willingly sucking his dick every time he wanted it, and perhaps even one of the two sucking his nipples!

I’d gladly clean them up after sex!

I’d gladly take his load all over my face, and lick his balls as he plunged in and out of the three Goddesses, and fetch them all beers later!

And more.

His cock was really that sexy, and so were the Goddesses, and the entire scene, really to be honest.

And if you’re a true cuck, you know what I mean! ?

Alright my friend. I’m out for now, but before I go, here is Cuckold Compilations for you cucks out there – a perfect “compilation” of stories indeed if you’re truly into cuckolding!

And if youre not?

Well, the unsubscribe button is right there, as are our other products! ?


Mike Watson

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