Someone left because the “topics were too gay”

Or, as he said . . .

“I am leaving,  because I of the too much  Gay stuff on the newsletter. “

There’s more, but before you ask who he is, faithful readers of this newsletter will remember that there was a dude living in mainland china (of all places! ?) that once emailed me and said my “writing was great, and keep it coming”.

And that he was unable to find a Chinese woman to accommodate his “submissive” kinks no matter what he did or said. Or tried.

And while I advised him at length on his issue and told him the main problem was with his MIND (indeed, the entire thread is here) – – and gave him a very practical solution to his problem, he wasn’t willing to listen to it.

Or invest in it, I should say. Hehe.

There is a REASON I put out the book on attracting dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland to yourself, my friends ,and as you can see in my case (and those that have used it) it very clearly WORKS.

It’s all about the mind, which is a recurring and pretty much COMMON theme in all my newsletters.

And now, lets get to the “meat” (sorry, couldn’t resist, hehe ?) of what he said.

“I am leaving,  because I of the too much  Gay stuff on the newsletter.
And don’t  take me wrong,  I  understand  that  not being  gay and doing all of this is the point  of it in his case, maybe  if a mistress  gets so much under my skin, I  might let her  to force me into some of it as well (though  I  am doubtful).
But the fact that I  understand  him, doesn’t  mean that  I  would  like it. And although, we do many things for our mistresses without  liking them, that doesn’t  mean that I  should  willingly read about  how a man  enjoys sucking dick of another man, whatever the context.

To Mike:
Keep it on man, I’d be glad to return some day, if you  find a way to separate the topics on fetishes.
If there is some kind of community that I  can find a kinky  mistress, to practice with, I  would  gladly  pay  you for membership, but only  by wechat. 

Now, being he left in a huff, I’m assuming that he doesn’t want a response to what he said (if you do, Thomas, please let me know and I’ll be happy to send it over to you personally!).

But if I were to respond to him, here would be my observations.

One, his response in itself shows why he is NOT able to find the dream dominant lady of his dreams.

Like so many people do (men, mostly) he’s making it about him and his fetishes, but not HER first and foremost.

And while there is a way to blend the two, and a very PRACTICAL and WORKABLE way (that just flat out WORKS) . . . he is clearly NOT aware of this way.

Has no idea in fact.

And hence the conundrum in his life.

“And although, we do many things for our mistresses without  liking them, that doesn’t  mean that I  should  willingly read about  how a man  enjoys sucking dick of another man, whatever the context.”

If we do it for them and don’t like it, can’t we be MADE to like it?

Can’t we make ourselves like it?

For HER . . . if not ourselves?

And second, I think this dude has a hang up about the whole “gay” thing in general.

Lets face it, folks.

Cuckolding is a very common theme indeed, and I’ve spoken at length before how I do NOT think cucks are “gay” and why.

And I bet you my bottom dollar Ole Thomas knows it as well.

Or, maybe the email just struck home, and maybe that IS what a lot of cucks think about, and yet are scared to admit it to themselves (and therein lies problem #2 – – which is actually #1 – – in terms of  not being able to attract true femdom to yourself).

You have to be true to yourself, my friend.

And you have to realize that labels are worthless for the most part, and don’t make or break.

Last, but not least, dude DOES have a point in terms of separating fetishes – – but only a bit of it.

At what point do we say “cuckoldry” is completely separate from “just femdom” (or, as I think he’s into, being anally raped by a woman?)

After all, is THAT act not “gay” in itself?

I’m sure you get the drift, my friend!

So I don’t think I’m going to separate anything for now, my friend. To me, it all blends into true femdom and it being all about HER and her alone, and a true submissive learning to enjoy it . . . or else! ?

Last, but not least, if the newsletter isn’t your thing, then yes, by all means do unsubscribe.

But I really, really, really honestly think what put this guy off was my asking him to invest in my book (which to be honest only happened because he wanted a solution to his problem).

As for his comment on finding a “kinky mistress to play with”, sorry, but no thanks.

I don’t think any woman wants to “jump to your command” my friend; at least not if we’re talking true femdom.

And as for a real femdom community where you CAN find REAL people interested in and into REAL FEMDOM, well, go right HERE my friend – the Watson Faithful.

Truly the best damned femdom community out there, but a REAL one. No, it’s not for those who want to “get their rocks off”, so if that’s you, you might as well click unsubscribe right now!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Oh, and he “just wants to pay via wechat”. Why?? I’m yet to figure that one out! (Wechat being the premier messaging app in China and one I absolutely hate, because it’s by far the buggiest app I’ve ever encountered) . . .

Paypal or credit card or bitcoin – – but no wechat or Chinese payment facility at the time my friend. That’s how it is, and that’s how I plan on keeping it! ?

P.S #2 – You may want to read my piece on “Are cucks gay” right HERE.

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