Master’s broad, muscular BACK and his lovely BIG BUTT . . .

A lot has been made of staying in shape, and rightly so.

And yet, I’ve always been very strident about the fact that SHE doesn’t necessarily need to be in shape . . . if she doesn’t want to!

It’s always about her mind, boy!

And I care not if it’s Madam with rolls of fat poking out under the sari, or rolls of fat under the arms – – or a saggy butt – – it’s the LOOK in the eye – and her thinking which is what matters!

And her willingless to truly debase you like never before.

Madam Wendy, as you guys know, wanted to take me to a gay bar once, and this turned me on immensely, but I’ve never written about what happened NEXT.

If you’re curious, you’ll have to wait, but for now, Madam Su often did the same thing too, albeit from a slightly different perspective.

She sissified me big time, and had me greet her lovers on my knees when they knocked on the door and the sheer surprise on their faces was there for all to see !

As well as the uncomfortable feeling . . .

. . . No man, no matter how well endowed would be entirely comfortable fucking another man’s woman . . . unless that man is a CUCK!

And once that barrier was gotten past, ALL of her lovers enjoyed it! And I still remember those swinging black dicks and how her first lover used to slap in the nose with it.

It was so thick too that it felt like a garden hose had hit me on the nose!

And it felt so good to suck his cock.

Like I was naturally meant to do so, and often times, I’d kiss Sir’s back.

His broad, muscular back. Every inch of muscle, and every inch of skin.

I’d rub him down with oil as he relaxed.

In fact, he had a bubble butt, and I’d often worship it for hours as I did all those years ago with Master Samit in Garima Madam’s bitch, who had an even darker ass . . .

More to kiss, more to worship, and that’s what I like about being on the somewhat bigger side.

I LOVE bubble butts, both on men and woman, and I LOVE Chinese women that claim they’re fat, because they’re not really – and because whats fat to them is SO attractive to me.

It’s the same thing with Mistress Dana, and that ass, oh, that lovely ass, and the memories of that day when that perfectly shaped TURD was floating in the bowl.


Utterly GROSS.


And yet such a turn on, and for you ass fanatics out there, let me end with THIS excerpt from a book (I’ll let you guess which one!)


She was still sitting on the commode, reading a book which she had taken with her to the toilet (another one of those “manly” habits which I see no reason a woman shouldn’t adopt as well!), her painted toenails almost beckoning me to kiss them, and…

Oh – MY. Just thinking about it. . . !!!!!!

Best, Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is where you can check out our other scintillating (and yes, many tales of toilet worship herein) Indian femdom –

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