The Indian Goddesses playing badminton at the park

During my time in the subcontinent, I’ve often written about the Indian Goddess I see everywhere . . .

Not just blog posts, but books as well!

And while that’s been very well documented, what I haven’t written about as yet is a particular subset of those ladies . . . a few ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, drop dead, STUNNING Indian ladies that aren’t shy about showing themselves off either that play badminton (or a version of it anyway!) in the park late at night.

Or not really late by our standards, but late by Indian standards I’d say . . .

Things in India seem to be shut down TOO early even in 2020 from what I can see.

Stores. Supermarkets. Convenience stores (which there are precious few of in India from what I can tell). And certainly no all night beer delivery etc as in mainland China, where (obviously) convenience stores stay open ALL night long . . .

But anyway, so these ladies play badminton daily.

And their legs are what stand out to me.

They’re Indian ladies, so they’re nowhere as petite as the Chinese are, but they’re no less attractive!

Oh BOY – those LEGS!

Those lovely fair Indian legs, that lovely “sway of the hips”.

Those VOLUPTOUS asses bursting out from their “Extra short” shorts, just waiting to be worshipped.

And as I saw one of these ladies last night, the sweat dripping off her as she played, I wanted to literally drop down in front of her and worship her (likely soggy) and pink tennis shoes!

(Yes, pink is a favorite color both around here and with these lovely ladies ?!)

Kiss her entire back, but NOT as a prelude to sex, boy!

As one of them was sitting on a park bench the other night, I still remember thinking right then.

“Come here . . . BOY!!”

That sneer, that Indian accent as only Indians can do, that lovely “flat” voice . . . Those large luminous KNOWING eyes, that VIBE they give off . . . oh boy!

Femdom at it’s best in the subcontinent indeed!

And as for soggy pink shoes, I once had a past landlady that posted about her own soggy shoes on WeChat, hehe.

As for what I told her?

That will have to wait . . . for another dispatch!


Mike Watson

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