All you need to do know is that I like beautiful things . . . BOY!

So as I finish up a workout, ideas FLOW in.

For writing. For life. Fitness wise. Otherwise. And so forth.

If there ever was a reason I recommended regular workouts done the right way it is this – – and health reasons, of course.

I get so many ideas during working out that I often need to stop and scribble the ideas down on a sweat stained paper so I don’t forget ‘em, so many of them there are!

I rarely, if ever, do, especially when it comes to femdom.

But, as Miss V knows, I’ve got a fitness biz too, hehe. So . . . ?

(Guess who works on that biz, and who PROFITS!)

And as I write this, or as I am out of the shower, actually I remember a certain Jiji.

Jiji Yuan, Madam’s name was!

Madam Jiji!

Jiji, JI, boy, if she was Indian!

Ji. Jiji. Garima Madam JI . .. hey, that’s a strange coincidence!

And you Garima Madam readers will know what I BE ON about, hehe.

Ji means respect in India (the subcontinent) in case you didn’t know – boy!

And Jiji in Chinese means (and I didn’t know this at first) . . . ah, but wait.

“Your name is Jiji Yuan”, I asked the first day I met her.

“Jiji??” I queried.

It was the first time I had heard that name.

“Yes!” she replied, with a tad bit of an annoyance not unlike Madam Krystal, and a giggle, not unlike Garima Madam (when she first met me in the office!)! ?

“Jiji Yuan”, I grinned. “Madam, it’s the perfect name for you. Yuan = = money!”

And money is most important, of course, I finished off.

She giggled.

“Oh, you bad boy!”

And I wasn’t to know until later than Jiji was another way of saying DICK.

The “coarse” way to say it is Didi. A slightly more polite version is Jiji!

Jiji. Ji! And for a cuck, calling a cock Ji, and respecting it?

OR Madam Jiji? Respecting her as she so deserves?

Anyway, I thought about her today.

Her showing me the middle finger . . . and THAT look in the eye!

FWIW, I discovered shortly after “meeting her” that she’s another one of those lovely ladies that LOVES her feet . . . and isn’t shy about posting pictures of them either!

And I have not posted pictures of her feet as of now, maybe I will soon.

But I still remember . . .

I was speaking to her one day.

I couldn’t help but say it, especially after those lovely foot pics she posted on WeChat!

Madam, you have such lovely feet!

Madam, your feet are like a true Goddesses!

And she giggled.

Thank you, she said.

In that supreme manner of hers. And as I got to know her better, she uttered this following gem of a line which is so true (when I asked her about if she was married or not).

sHe didn’t reply.

“All you need to know is that I like beautiful things!”

. . . BOY!

Yes, I said it – but she might as well have!

And while she doesn’t feature in Sin City Diaries like Madam Venus does, she might as well!

And there is ANOTHER Madam Venus I haven’t written about as yet. Stay tuned for Vol #4 – in the works soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Yes, all a cuck needs to know is that she likes beautiful things – BOY! And Princess Joanie taught me that better than anyone else!


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