Madam Michelle should put her feet up on the seat in front of her, sip her drink and order her driver. Don’t you think so?

A while ago, I wrote about “no bored harassment”.

Something Madam Michelle, a ravishingly lovely (to me!) lady posted in an employment group I own, and she blatantly and openly broke the rules.

Because she could!

And while I started talking to her later about it, she was surprisingly candid about it, and that led me to check her wechat moments (or wall).

And I was hooked . . . yet again!

Madam loves to take pictures of her feet, and has plenty of them on her moments! ? Oh, these lovely Chinese ladies, MOST of them love their feet! ?

And as I spoke to Madam, she graciously accepted her mistake.

“You can add me back later when you deem it necessary!” she said.

Me? Deem? Ah, but let me continue!

She then complained about a guy that had been adding her out of the blue and sending her lewd images etc, something which I absolutely abhor myself and have written about it before.

Guys, if there is anything that is bigger turn off for women, it is this!

They want to be interested in YOU first, and no, the size of your cock isn’t all they’re thinking about.

In fact, chances are excellent and second to none that’s what YOU are thinking about, cuckie, and more cocks pointed at YOU than one! ?

And they need to know, as Princess Sophia so openly and adroitly once asked “what is the size of your bank account!”

And they need to tell you what Princess Jiji once said.

“All you need to know is I like beautiful things!”

And with allt hat out of the way, the other stuff can start if they so choose, but unfortunately most men never GET to that point.

And it’s a pity. Anyway, that’s what my world famous course on understanding these dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland is about . . .

And as I removed the guy from the group for harassing her (or before that actualluy) she made the following comment.

“I broke the rule publicly, and he privately”.

And yes, he did break a cardinal rule – – of mine as well!

Anyway . . .

So a coupla of days ago, she sent me a picture of her riding a bike around 30 minutes to her friends house because she would rather that than be stuck in a traffic snarl up (this city is famous for them!)

Such a sexy video, and the feet, those lovely feet which should be up and worshipped on those dirty foot pedals of her bike!

“Does Madam like riding bikes”, I asked her.

And then . . .

“Madam, I’m so sorry! My wechat is slow again!”

(and it was. WeChat is one of the buggiest and crappiest apps out there ,and there is only ONE reason I use it. See if you can guess what that is! ?).

And she responded with (and I got this a day or so later, since I had to delete my data, and then get all my messages) –

“I don’t like bike! I like someone driving me around!”

My response?

Madam, you should sit in the back seat, sip your drinks, put your feet up on the seat in front of you, and then order your driver where to take you!

God, the rush I felt when saying that!

. . . And your boyfriend too, Madam! (I didn’t say that as yet, but I should have, probably!).

I don’t know how she would respond. I’ll keep you posted.

But I want to be her footboy.

Her bitch.

Her cuck.

Madam’s SLAVE. Her drive. Her PAYPIG (important!)

And . . . her cuck, and watch her with other men as she SO deserves! ?

Madam Michelle, Paye Lagu! You’re one of the best! ?


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here are the books that will make you TRULY understand the meaning of the word “paye lagu” –

P.S #2 – To those complaining about site load times and the like, I understand. I’m currently on what seems to have turned into the (by far) crappiest web host ever in existence, and I’ll get this resolved shortly. Thanks for your patience in this regard. Should be done within a couple of days at most!

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