If you’re unable to find a dominant Chinese lady (while in the mainland!) . . .

In response to my hugely popular email about a perfect relationship, I received a great email from a reader who (for the sake of privacy) we’ll call “T”.

His questions were a bit surprising, but NOT that unusual, to be honest!

Here was his initial email –

Hi Mike, 

Great writing, man! Keep it coming!

Even if a few of the things are not my kink, its still really exciting. 

I am not sure if this is your email, or just a service one, but I am in a big need of an advice, can you get to me please? 



To which yours truly responded –

Hi (T)

Thanks for the positive feedback! This is indeed an email address I monitor. Let me know what exact advice you need, and we can go from there.


And then he asked me his question.

Well, the thing is the following.

I live in China for 3 years already, have had a few girlfriends – yes, I chose them with this typical domme character, but in the bedroom they have no idea of BDSM or what so ever. A couple of them got really interested, but still, the moment some toys go in the play everything is lost. Is there any kind of local BDSM community where I can find a true Chinese dominant lady, who already knows what she wants, and than I can deal on my own.
Thanks for the help. 


And my response?

Well, a lot of you can probably guess it, or part of it anyway, but here is what I told him –

Yes, China is indeed the perfect place to find FEMDOM! Hehe . . . And yes, in terms of femdom, sometimes you have to “teach” or be “open” about what you want in the bedroom (especially if your girl is from a smaller town etc).

That said, Chinese ladies are the MOST naturally dominant ladies ever (as you know!) so it doesn’t take much – – at least, it hasn’t for me! ? Maybe you aren’t thinking the right way (subconsciously)? Once you are, you attract the dominant sort to you quite literally like moths to a flame, and it all just FLOWS from there (yes, you do have to discuss specifics, but that’s easy once the main part is out of the way! ?

I think my book here should help you – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/. It is by far the most complete BDSM oriented guide towards understanding these lovely, dominant Chinese ladies (from the mainland! ?) … and though it works for women of all races (and guys too) – it is especially tailored towards Chinese women from the mainland and the subs that pursue them with tongues hanging out, hehe.

And it has some of MY own stories in this regard too, which you might enjoy – REAL LIFE, all of them! (and no, I haven’t written about those before).

I had started a local BDSM community on WeChat years ago, but the purpose got lost as people kept posting porn gifs etc, and I finally lost interest and disbanded the group (well, actually, I gave it to another person and he has probably disbanded it by now). I’ll let you know if I hear of any femdom communities (offline) in the mainland right now, but as far as I can tell, slim pickings and slim just left town. Which part of China do you reside in by the way? Just curious.


And in addition, what I’d tell you for MORE tips on femdom (especially China related) is to be found in the BEST and most exclusive femdom community ever which you an join right here – the Watson Faithful . . . (FREE lifetime access to all books, products and courses as long as your membership is valid – not to mention discussion with yours truly at a far, far deeper and better level than through my books and courses and writings!).

Nothing beats “in person” as it were.

And of course while “T” isn’t so much into some of the things I write about (I didn’t ask him what) – I suspect being a cuck and sissy is part of that – but if you’re into that – and most truly interested in real femdom are – well – HERE is the very best course you can grab on that –

And yes – it contains a LOT on mental conditioning.

Ah, that old bugbear eh. Conditioning. But believe me now and trust me later – it’s well worth it!

Well, my friend, I’m out for now. I’ll be back soon with more!


Mike Watson

P.S. – And no, the Watson faithful ain’t cheap, my friend. It’s only for TRUE femdom lovers, though – the MOST exclusive femdom community out there, and truth be told, what I’m charging is a steal, pittance and then some especially considering what you will GET. Jump aboard NOW.

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