The perfect relationship . . .

Dear Reader,

So I woke up this morning to a myriad variety of dreams – something I often have as I’ve spoken about in this here communications, hehe, and I LOVE It.

… except for when the dream “slip away”.

I got an idea for one of my OTHER business ventures (the fitness ventures, owned now by none other than the imperious Miss V, of course! ? – but guess who does the WORK ?) … and it was a great idea, I think.

I can still remember thinking about it as I slept, the dream was that clear.

And it … slipped away. UGH!

Although I write my dreams down, I often have very vivid dreams on seemingly UNRELATED topics that keep following each other, and this was one of those times, and while I remember the last one very well, I cannot remember the specifics of the one before that.


Anyway, the last one was about Madam Jojo and the inimitable, and ONE and only cuckoldress . . . Madam Su!

You guessed it! ?

There is only ONE Madam Su, and only ONE way to have a perfect femdom relationship, boy, and that is for her to have her cake and eat it too. And in terms of SEX, that all important SEX, it means she gets to have multiple boyfriends, and you . . .  .you get to admire them and NOT have other women.

As Su told me all those years ago . . .

“If you can’t satisfy me in bed, I’ll find other men, but you can never have other women!”

And little did she know (at the time of saying that we barely knew each other – vibes again, huh, hehe) that I enjoyed it so much that I made HER the heroine of some of my Sophia Bai books . . .

On that note, you must have noticed a drop in communications from me over the past day or so.

Plenty of things going on. Server moves for a couple of my sites for one, which is eating up all my times.

And, and more importantly on this front, we’re also LIVE now on Google Play in terms of many of our books. And the whole collection should be available there too very soon as it is right now on Amazon (which is how most of you found me, hehe).

And back to perfect relationships, I told Madam Jojo the same thing as well in my dream. And she laughed out loud, while enjoying it. . .

And Madam Su showed up, and THAT black dude with that lovely CURVED (upwards?) BLACK, long, GLEAMING banana cock that I still find so sexy and can almost “taste” as I “tug” at it with my mouth getting it hard yet again . . .

And both of them looking down at me, especially HER, as her fingers trail his chest.

And later, of course, giving me ruined orgasms aplenty while looking STRAIGHT into my eyes!

But at the end of the dream something strange happened.

In the dream, I got “insecure and jealous” and I eventually left Su.

And the dude ended up cheating on her.

And she was left high and dry, and hating all men . . . and thus the eternal Sophia Bai comment along the lines of “It’s impossible to find good men online”!

To that I’d add “anywhere” . . .

And that’s precisely why I’ve got two resources for YOU, my friend – well – many actually – to ensure this sort of thing does NOT happen to you.

You know what I mean, don’t you.

The conflicted feelings. The “caught in between”. The “how can she do this to me!”

The “I’m a real man” (and in bed you know you’re not!;)).

As Madam Su said, if you can’t satisfy me in bed, you don’t deserve to use your cock!

And you liked it, boy. Remember that! ?

It’s who you are – and part of getting COMFORTABLE with who you are is to be HONEST about things with yourself.

And more importantly, that old bug bear MENTAL CONDITIONING which I talk so much about in my writings, and which is where a LOT of, if not MOST femdom (or even male dom) relationships go WRONG.

Awfully wrong

And these are the two products that will do a LOT for you in terms of mental conditioning (both if you’re a sub or a Domina) . . . .

The Complete Guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland (believe me, it works for all ladies and subs of all hues, colors and races!).

Cuck Central (a must get if the above is a turn on!).

Have AT!


Mike Watson

P.S. – We also offer value based “case by case” kink counseling services. Contact us today if that is your requirement, and we’ll see what we can do.

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