Honey, why is it that slim guys have the biggest dicks?

This probably sounds like something Sophia Bai asked me, or perhaps the inimitable Madam Su, cuckoldress au extraordinaire . . .

Or perhaps Princess Joanie, or perhaps even the regal Madam Jojo (while getting that lovely broad back massaged! ?).

And in any of those cases I’d expect this question. Hehe.

Funny thing, it wasn’t any of them that asked it.

This was something an ex girlfriend of mine back in the day (wayyyyyyyyy back in the day) asked me.

Remember the girl I told you about that once “broke down” near a sorority and started on a tirade about me needing to go to counseling for my foot fetish?

I’m sure you do!

If you have been following me, you do, at least, but it raises an interesting question.

Last night I had various interesting dreams, part of those dreams involving naked “massage” workers waiting for me . . . except they were MALE, as opposed to what I wrote about in Sin City Diaries, hehe.

Male and muscular and Asian (Chinese Asian) features as far as I remember, and I remember those muscular chests and the brown pert NIPPLES . . . and they were sitting there naked with a tiny waist . . . and a huge cock accentuating that tiny waist even further!

Much like the cock I saw on a slim back dude once, the hard member almost thicker than my wrist (which isn’t slim!) and PERFECTLY straight ramdod straight DONG with a cut head, the frenulum so clearly visible. . .

I’ll try and post that picture on my Twitter, but for now – – yeah, it was cuck paradise in the dream, except although I remember touching the guy’s chests while they massaged me, there wasn’t any humiliating in the dream.

If anything, it was relaxing, and I did NOT wake up with a hard on as I normally do during some of these dreams (especially the humiliating ones)!

And in any case, back to the original question.

In mainland China, they have a saying I’ve often mentioned in my writings “Ren Pang Qiu Dian

In other words fat man have small penis . . .

And while this is no doubt one of those bombastic sayings, the fact remains that if you have a belly so big that you can’t see your dick when you look down – – well, not only is the belly too big, but it’s taking away from your dick as well in terms of visibility . . . assuming of course, there is a lot to work with.

And if you’re a cuck or sissy there likely isn’t, and if there is, it is (or should be) encaged, boy!

I do know THIS MUCH – when I’m in good shape, my erections are a lot stronger and my dick a lot more visible and seems bigger too.

Flip side, back when I was fat and out of shape, I still had a big dick, but it wasn’t near as visible, and I didn’t feel near as big with all the flab around the lower abs either!

And all the slim guys I’ve seen, either as a cuck or otherwise have corrobated this theory of mine, and it seems to be true.

As for you, my dear reader – what do you think?

Send in your feed back – and let me know!


Mike Watson

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