“You rest so late at night, boy!”

Just got a message from the lovely, and  oh so UBER dominant Goddess Shu.

You remember her, don’t you?

The ONE lady that could probably rival Madam Pearl in terms of sheer NATURAL femdom (and probably findom too, hehe – but we haven’t got to the wallet raping part – but hang on, eh – it’s early days!)

Madam (Perfect Madam!) Jocelyn took a little less than 2 days to show me her cooking and cleaning equipment (which will soon be “mine”, hehe).

And as for the imperious Goddess Shu, she’s already agreed to me calling her Perfect Goddess, so …

Anyway, she sent me this message this morning (she woke up early)

“You rest so late at night!”

Now, this was in response to a very polite (too polite) request to Goddess to see the bottom of her feet, which she of course ignored, as is her wont and RIGHT!

She has the right to ignore all questions, and never answer, but you do- boy!

And that’s a cardinal rule of true femdom, but the other, less obvious thing is how Chinese girls KNOW how much certain men lust after their feet, hehe, and do EVERYTHING they can to avoid showing the SOLE of the foot initially …

… claiming they’re shy, or it’s ugly, or any such excuse, but in reality, it’s a tool to keep the male in check to get a certain amount of what THEY want before they deign to show their worship worthy SOLES …

And so it should be! (and if you doubt what I’m saying, test it out the right way in REAL Life, and you’ll see!)

Anyway, my response.

“Yes, Goddess! OF course! These days I’m pressing your feet all night long, so I can only sleep after that!”

I know NOT how Goddess will reply. Probably another sticker or two. We will see, hehe, but for now, that brings back scenes of a Bollywood movie, and an ancient Chinese soap opera I believe it was where the servants were instructed to massage the legs of their owners all night long.

In the Bollywood flick, the “owner” was actually a king, and the hours ticked on by at night, long and slow, dreary perhaps for him, as he massaged his legs for hours … with JUST the right amount of pressure, while the king slept.

Suddenly, the king’s son came in.

With a flick of the wrist, and an imperious, haughty look that only TRUE domination can bring about, it was said – and done.

OUT, boy!

And the servant retreated, head bowed …

And I’ve done this too. A modern day equivalent would be what I did with Madam Sugar … heck, she even tied my ears to the bedpost if you can believe that – – and when Madam Krystal, or Perfect Mistress Susan (ah, that lovely lady!) came in, guess what happened!

OUT, boy!

And funnily enough, I thought of all this last night before lopping off to sleep (finally, when I did get to sleep – my leaky sissy wang wouldn’t let me sleep …hehe).

And I got exactly that.

Thoughts truly are things, and on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – You, the femdom lover will nigh ENJOY our tales of Chinese femdom and Indian femdom. Be sure and grab a few books today to pass the “lockdown” in an elevated state of mind (pun intended!) – and do email reviews etc over – I’ll post them on the reviews page that I recently got up a while back (still tinkering with it tho, hehe).


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