Foreskin (or not), Madam’s white tennis shoes, and … MORE!

I don’t know why, but after PINK … white shoes seem to be what girls love the most, hehe.

When it comes to heels, of course, red high heels. Yours truly has a pair of those too … ah, but I’ll save that for Madam Wendy and my upcoming Sissy Tales, hehe. For now, Sissy Central should give you plenty of hints as to what yours truly has, and doesn’t.

And what he (she) HAS, but is NOT allowed to use, of course! ?

Anyway, you’ll recall the lovely Jessy telling me to thank a lady, and that lady is none other than whom I’m going to talk about today.

A lady who so cleverly took my dislike for audio messages, and (even without consciously trying) made it such that yours truly has now become the one running after her, hankering for Madam’s messages, and while she’s probably equally eager to send me messages, she’s of course not going to reply everything on time! ?

As it should be …

And she’s quickly weaving as much of a spell over me as Princess Joanie did, and in case you’re wondering where white shoes fit in, well, the cover of Cuck Central should give you a hint.

Or, Empress Cody should!

Or, perhaps even Madam Sophia’s lovely white shoes …

And from a femdom perspective, those get the dirtiest, so …

Anyway, as Perfect Madam Jocelyn sent me a photo of her legs – and feet (shod in white shoes), she sent me something else too.

2 videos

One of a dishwasher, and one of an oven.

And then a picture of tea laid out.

“Please come and have some tea”, she said.

“Thanks  so much Madam!” I replied. And then I giggled. “But who will wash the cups and dishes”

Giggle, giggle.

“I tell you!”

She’s a true Goddess, and I told her that.

“You’re really a true Goddess, Madam”, I continued. “Jessy made the right choice! We’ve only known each other two days, and you’re already sending me pictures of feet, cooking and cleaning…”

But she hadn’t sent me her feet, of course. ?

I remembered, and asked again.

“Madam, I love your shoes, but can I see your feet. The bottom ….”

And shortly thereafter, she sent me a picture of her socked feet – you know, the ankle socks, and my first comment, of course was that those should be washed by hand.

What did you say?

Well, I’ll let you be the judge! But this girl is a prime example of how mainland Chinese women can literally SENSE true male submission from miles and miles away, quite literally, and then proceed to wrap around their little fingers .. or toes!

And I love it.

“You keep joking”, she giggled. “If I’m a Queen, you’re a king”

“Madam, isn’t it better I’m your helper”, I responded.

Anyway, before I forget …

You guys will remember I wrote about CUCK (cock) preferences in a few emails prior to this.

Foreskin or not, I believe that post was titled.

And to this, a person recently commented on my Instagram “So what was the answer? Foreskin, or not?”

And my answer …

“Well, at the time Madam wanted foreskin (and she did – read the post, hehe – that lovely foreskin, that lovely LOOSE foreskin and peeling it back was a pure delight for any cuck!) … but her tastes DO change!”

And that was all the explaining I needed to do, hehe.

She’s always right.

She gets to have her cake and eat it too.

And you, boy, belong under her lovely feet – and are LESS than the dirt under her shoes, and she knows it.

The sooner YOU realize that, and act accordingly – the better for ALL concerned! ?


Mike Watson

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