When Kendrick fucked me in the ass ….

I believe I remember mentioning “Meeting Ms. Chen” in the last email on Indian men, and this reminded me of another man … a BLACK man.

A black man with a gigantic dong, not too thick (but thick enough) … and a “blacker than black” shiny AFRICAN dong (literally – he was from Kenya on a Goa holiday) … the shiny cut knob standing out in great and oh-so-sexy CONTRAST to the sword, and the balls, of course those lovely succulent BALLS of his …

I’ve mentioned, of course in the book how I sucked him off … and how this was used as blackmail against me by the crafty, cunning, imperious, lovely and DOMINANT Miss Chen (enough adjectives already, I hear you ask? LOL) …

And while this isn’t about blackmail, what I haven’t addressed as yet is if Kendrick did “take me” as it were, as was his right to …

But I HAVE mentioned my friend’s beautiful white cock, my friend.

Nothing special to look at he is (no, I don’t men “he” as In Madam Pearl referring to my dong!) … but his cock, oh, that lovely white cock, just the right length, the smooth skin, the lovely KNOB attached to it and a cock that makes you want to drop down to your knees to service, forever!

And I’ve written about that before, of course.

And today, I’ll write about more …

One fine morning, we were drunk. We woke up at 6 AM after a night of drinking, and for whatever reason decided to go get more beer.

Hey, what can I say. In college, young and wild, or so I was at least. He’s 10 years older than me, but he went along with it, and we bought breakfast to go as well from Exxon Mobile near his apartment.

And I remember eating, and then feeling incredibly DRUNK .. and horny, and all I could think of while eating them sausage biscuits was … his sausage, and spreading the sausage on his salami …

He was so drunk that like the FIRST night, he stripped down to his underwear.

“I’m tired!”

“Oh, no, I drank too much!”

And he collapsed into bed, and … instant snores.

I drank another beer. I was pretty toasted myself, but then I suddenly saw his long feet poking out from under the covers (actually, not, he was pretty naked except for the underwear).

His soles.

And that was IT.

With a raging hard on, I bent to kiss his feet, and then came within an instant of doing so, and then cleaned up, and collapsed myself.

Woke up an hour later.

He was still in bed.

And I gently took off his underwear, and … took that lovely flaccid dick in my mouth, and stared slurping on it lovingly, all inhibition gone.

Folks say men have a refractory period between orgasms, and I’m here to tell you yes we do, but if we’re truly turned on, that period is very little if any!

And he woke up suddenly, not fully awake, but realized what was happening instantly.

After all it wasn’t the first time he was being treated like a God, and as I sucked, he grew hard, and I turned over, offering my ass to him for the first time …

“Master …” I said, instantly slipping into my role play, and he got it. He understood.

“Mm hmm!” he said, applying Vaseline (copious amounts of it to my gaping hole). We didn’t have jelly ready …

And he mounted me, slowly and steadily, in and out, in and out with each thrust, and it felt like the best heaven I’d ever been to, as my cuckold self surrendered itself to him and his balls banged against mine with each thrust, that lovely white weapon of his plowing in and out …

I experienced several P orgasms that day, though I was too drunk to understand them properly!

And as for Kendrick, well, that a tale for another day.

For now, if this turned you on(and if you’re a true cuckold or sissy, it DID) … well, HERE is where you can read the steamiest collection of Male on Male Cuckold compilations you have ever read – – (and with a femdom twist to make things better!).

Enjoy, my friend. I’ll be back soon, and don’t work that dick too hard while reading, hehe.


Mike Watson

P.S. – To truly BECOME a cuck in REAL LIFE, well, do the thing, and you’ll have the power as the immortal Emerson once said. Here is where you can learn how to DO the thing – –https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuck-central/

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