“India man very hot!”

So, I posed the question in the last email, and I’ve got some interesting responses to be honest!

I’ll share those with you later, but for now, what I want to say is this … and it’s something I completely forgot to mention in the last communication with YOU, and it’s something that I remember NOW.

Just remembered it, actually, after finishing my Instagram post.

As we were descending the mountain (remember Tracy, hehe), she made the following comment and giggled.

“You know, Mike, India man very hot!”

“What do you mean, I asked” … laughing out loud.

I knew, of course. She meant Indian men are the horniest, but wouldn’t say it directly, and I suspect Madam LIKED Indian men (some, at any rate, hehe).

Hey, we all have our preferences … and if that’s what she liked, and that’s what I like, and that’s what you like, all probably DIFFERENT things, who is anyone to comment upon it?

But it did bring to mind that same interesting question that I asked in the last email.

Are Indian guys naturally more submissive?

And I’ll ask another one, this one for you ladies out there – are Indian guys naturally HORNIER?

Well, I’ll answer this one!

I don’t think any more or less than the average male who thinks with their little head, hehe, but the fact is this – regressive or repressive cultures tend to REPRESS rather than “eradicate” normalcy.

And it’s perfectly normal for guys to want to look at girls – their legs – or their feet, for those that want to, or their bodies, and so forth.

Perfectly normal for men and women to talk to each other. Kiss in public. Date. Live together before marriage. Et al.

And if you’re in mainland China at the time of reading this, you might be thinking, well whats the big deal HERE?

That’s all normal, and you from the West reading this will probably say the SAME thing, and I understand.

But understand this too my friend.

In many parts of the world, including the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, all of this is NOT as open as it’s normally thought to be.

Society in general is closed in many regards, and this does nothing to repress normal male desires.

NOT a good thing, and NOT something I personally prefer, which is probably why I’m in mainland China at the time of writing this, and not at a gorgeous Indian lady’s feet.

Or, as I did in Meeting Ms. Chen, maybe my “Wife” will show up in China one day and embrass the heck out of me while I’m at a Chinese lady’s feet!

Paye Lagu Malkin indeed it would be in that case, and that’s it for this one!

Back soon …


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you’re into Indian femdom, here is where to go …

P.S #2 – And for you cucks out there – THIS is the nigh perfect compilation out there …

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