Are Indian guys naturally MORE submissive?

As I was preparing tea for Princess Tina, a thought that suddenly struck me.

A long time ago, I was hiking a mountain in Southern China with a friend named Tracy (NO, not Madam Tracy, hehe, although she well could have been).

Married lady, and we were good friends, and still are to this date.

We often discussed about what would – or *could* happen if you get my drift between us.

She was going through a bit of marital discord at the time and promptly responded, “Who knows! Two people together, and … “

She let it “hang in the air”.

But the import of what she said was clear enough and I agree. Go with the flow, and see what happens, and this, more than anything else is what I recommend for femdom – both for Dominants and their slaves!

Don’t try to play to a script, my friend. It ain’t porn or a movie. It’s REAL LIFE … and the more you make it real, the more you’ll (eventually) enjoy it and be addicted to it!

And on that note, the question of the day.

Before I proceed, note than I am NOT trying to “stereotype”, “Assume”, or IMPLY anything for that matter, and again, before people start jumping up and down about it, the crime rate (raging crime rate from what I hear) against females in that part of the world (not just India – the Indian subcontinent in general) would in itself make it seem like a LUDICROUS question.

But hold on just a second there my friend.

What people SAY – and do openly – and privately are entirely different beasts altogether.

I often remember what an Indian friend of mine told me once in high school when we were discussing masturbation.

“Of course, I masturbate to Ma’am’s feet! Don’t you?” (we were NOT discussing Madam Vandana, by the way – it was another tall lovely lady who I have NOT mentioned in these “here” emails until now).

Well, that was a one off you say.

Not so quick pally.

Do a hashtag search on Instagram, for instance, and you’ll see for whatever reason that folks from the subcontinent are MOST into feet and cuckolding – or other related terms.

And I see it almost daily on my Instagram, with folks messaging me in alien (almost alien)languages.

Ridiculous questions of course and we’ve gone into that before, but the languages point out where they’re from, or perhaps their ORIGIN.

And hence the question!

I have NO idea if this is indeed true, but I suspect it might well be to some degree in some parts of the country at least.

I DO know that Chinese ladies have been the most naturally dominant for me in terms of females, but then again, that ain’t a foregone conclusion by any means – when I think about Ms. Priyanka and Garima Madam!

Anyway, women are ALL dominant as far as I’m concerned!

As I recently posted on Instagram I think it was … the seed of dominance is there within ALL women to a degree.

Whether or NOT you as a male submissive do your JOB right and allow it to FLOURISH – is – well – up to YOU!

And on that note, it’s adios. Do write back and let me know your thoughts on this – I’m most curious to know!


Mike Watson

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