“Horse dongs”, and more …

Saw an incredibly funny meme this afternoon – that of a young lady hanging on to a horse, no less.

A cute looking horse … a brown horse, as it were, and the horse itself is “innocent” here (and you can probably tell whats coming next, hehe).

And the meme was (paraphrasing) – – “the horse is cute, but honey, we know the REAL reason you’re with it!”

Now, before you start jumping up and down, no, I do NOT support or condone “zoophilia” in any way, shape or form.

UGH – a huge one, and I MEAN that!

If it’s safe, sane and CONSENSUAL – yes – and what I mentioned above ain’t none of those, especially NOT the last.

But anyway, as a joke, it was pretty funny.

We’ve heard the term “horse cock”, and indeed, fetish wise, there are few things sexier than a long black cock pointing at you – – or a somewhat short, but THICK one, the cock head CURVED preferably, pointing straight at you, about to unload a massive load, the hairy balls contracting one last time (or perhaps those smooth shaved gonads some studs have … mmm!).

And that was what the meme was based upon – -horse cocks.

And SATISFYING a woman in bed sexually.

A friend of mine was calling out another dude the other day for liking to lick ass and jerk off while he did it.

Now, there ain’t nothing wrong with that, but he didn’t like having sex apparently, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that either, hehe. If you’re a bonafide CUCK – more power to you, my friend!

Dude was telling other dude “well, sometimes she’d like to be fucked! Maybe once a year, you know!”

Now, dude #2 is a guy that steadfastly DENIES said fetish … despite there being proof to the contrary. I was once contacted by a lady named Josie who sent me screen captures of what this guy said – basically getting drunk out of his mind and contacting her out of the blue asking her if “she wanted servants”.

She couldn’t figure it out initially, but of course, she did later.

And I ain’t a woman, and hey, I get it, dudes get horny – but really – and as I wrote about before, if THAT is the way you’re looking to get true femdom into your life, well, you’ll get the exact opposite.

Sadly, and going by the number of guys on Instagram for one who think I’m a woman and message me with inane requests, this seems to be more the norm than the exception. Ugh again!

Folks – no – girls don’t want to see dick pics – or want “servants” they don’t know! Anyway, I wrote about this in the past, so I’ll spare you here, hehe, but that’s a PET PEEVE of mine, because they give guys in general – and genuinely submissive guys at that – a BAD rap.

And in terms of horse cock, hey.

If you don’t bang her regularly, and lets face it, EVERY woman needs a good “rodgering” – occasionally, or more than it, hehe.

You need her feet, loser. Her asshole. Her ass crack. Perhaps her armipits.

You’re her sissy. You wear the skirt. You do the cooking and cleaning …

And that’s all good, because she gets to have her cake and eat it too …

… and suck it too, when she’s with a real man, and amidst all the shame surrounding female sexual liberation, I’m here to say – that hey – females SHOULD be sexually liberated, and men shouldn’t. Hehe.

It’s far better for a man to be cucked and at home, and the small percentage of studs out there serving their purpose, to satisfy the woman in bed – before they’re kicked out, to be replaced by the relationship “cuck” who pays the bills.

There are few more things I can think of that are more satisfying, for one, than me doing all the above for Madam Jojo, and her being satisfied sexually by multiple men as SHE chooses, and no, she doesn’t necessarily need to suck dick if she doesn’t want.

That’s what cucks are there for, you know!

And on that sexy note, it’s adios for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If reading the above made you wet and gave you a hard on, well you ain’t seen “nuttin” (pun truly intended) as yet my friend. Click on over here to dive into Cuckold Compilations – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuckold-compilations/

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