I’ll squash you like a BUG, boy!

I remember an old teacher of mine once famously uttering the saying …

“I’ll crush you under my feet like a cockroach!”

While I didn’t hear the exact words being spoken, my friends in classes above me (she was the supervisor-in-charge – hey that’s an interesting term … for all classes above grade IX, I believe) told me something similar, and what I told you above was the gist of it.

And was she dominant. Oh boy, was she DOMINANT!

I’ve spoken about Madam Vandana before, another teacher of Indian origin back when yours truly was in HIGH school, and this teacher was her supervisor as well.

While Madam Vandana’s feet were by far the most gorgeous, and stuck in my mind forever – indeed, there is an unwritten book featuring just HER sitting on my hard drive – she was not quite as dominant as Madam “Vanita” who was UBER dominant, if I might say so.

Dominance galore as it were, and while the feet were usually painted (or should I say the toes!) silver, the toes WELL taken care of, Mike Watson didn’t notice that as much as the CUFFS she was known for handing out – – especially to us rowdy lads.

Female students didn’t escape her wrath either, of course, but the MALE students got the brunt of it. I’ve mentioned a “Civics” teacher in grade 8 that really had it in for me (for no real fault of mine at that, hehe!) .. and Madam “Vanita” was NO different.

And as I sit here thinking about that dialog, the giantess scene popped into my mind.

It doesn’t hurt of course that Madam was tall and imposing, but here is what turns me on the MOST about giantess POV”S (and so much so that that is my Instgram story for the day!) – that you’re literally NOTHING but DIRT under that MAGNIFICENT, ROYAL FOOT – and the SOLES, staring at you oh-so-imperiously … and of course, the WOMAN herself, her eyes boring holes into you, CONFIDENT with sheer dominance, and “drunk” on it, so to speak, if you get my drift!

And so she should be!

That’s my favorite part of the giantees POV scene, and when accompanied by words – OH BOY.

I’ve mentioned how last night was a “hard” night for me, hehe, and Madam Jojo’s voice was what rang out the loudest.

“Down, boy!”

“You’re the one that obeys. You wear the skirt.I’m the boss, boy!”

“Yes, of course I can have other men!”

“But I can’t, Madam. And yes, that’s your right – – you’re a lady and DESERVE to enjoy your life with as many different men as possible, and have a slave ready at home to take care of your other needs!”

OK, so that last bit was ME saying it, but I’m sure you – the TRUE male submissive gets the drift!

I’ll write more about TRUE male submissives and the giantess part later, but for now, let me just tell you that Indian feet for whatever reason lend themselves very well to this sort of dominance because Indian feet tend to be bigger and BROADER (more to worship!) and also because Indian ladies normally do NOT wear short skirts etc as in China.

Some do, but the vast majority don’t, and to the true femdom lover, when all you can see is her upper back and arms – and FEET – well – can there be any bigger JOY and a bigger TURN ON than this, my friend?

Personally, I think NOT! The sari truly DOES lend itself best to femdom as I’ve said, and on that fine note, it’s adios for now.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – The Indian Goddess series is going like GANGBUSTERS – my most popular book yet (and curiously enough the FIRST) – and so is Garima Madam’s bitch, and the PREQUEL to that. The last is probably the most thought provoking, by the way! And here is where you can pick up all these fine, fine books for the true femdom lover – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/indian-femdom/

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