Madam Sugar, and the FIRST thing I saw every morning!

I’ve spoken about Krystal a lot, haven’t I, in these emails and my writings in general?

Ooops – – that’s Madam Krystal, I know … hehe. I can still feel the cold, unforgiving STEEL around my balls, and the ice she applied to them thereafter (actually, that was Madam Yang, an even more domineering and SADISTIC Princess – Queen, I should say, if there ever was one!).

And while dominant and sadism is something you can read about – I should say EXPERIENCE galore in the “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant” series … be warned – some of it is over the top, hehe, and the humiliation – well – on a different planet altogether!

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But amidst all this, I’ve omitted to write about Madam SUGAR a lot, and I’ll do so today!

I’ve already mentioned how I met Princess Krystal (she doesn’t mind Princess, hehe) that first day in English class at Happy Giraffe, and the shenanigans that happened during the class, and later.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and change things. Maybe I should NOT have allowed the class to laugh at Madam when there was confusion over her name!

But every time I think that, I bring myself back to reality. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would my sorry BALLS, hehe.

I loved every minute of the domination, and bringing it to YOU in written format and hey, Madam Sugar was the lady I met right after my dose of classes for the day – an imperious indeed lady from the get go – and I could TELL by the look in her eye that she HAD it in for me from DAY ONE.

And subsequent events proved that to be true, as I’ve written in the book! Hehe. She was instrumental in getting me ultimately fired, which proved to be a blessing in two ways … one, because I hated the job, and two, because it gave me more time to devote myself to my true job, serving Madam Krystal and her cohorts, hehe.

And in terms of the FIRST thing I saw every morning, you ask?

Well, Madam loaned me out to Sugar for a while, and she came up with the most devious and painful ways I’ve ever been “femdommed” (is that a word, hehe) – even more so in many ways than the traditionally sadistic Ms Yang.

Ms Yang did things that were painful but you’d expect, while Madam Sugar did the exact opposite. A cornucopia of true femdom as it were, and what did she do?

Well, she suspected me of not “pressing her feet” all night long once. Actually, I think I did it, but she suspected me of falling asleep (at her soles, don’t get me wrong!) and the punishment was SWIFT in coming.

The next night, she draped a blanket over herself (A/C was running full blast) and made me squat on my haunches Asian style (in itself a torture for many people, hehe, that position is anything but easy to get into, not to mention HOLD for hours).

It can be done though, and I was lucky Ms. Priyanka trained me well in that regard!

And she tied a solid string to both my ears – – the base of my ears to the bedpost – – a string so tight that I couldn’t move my head more than an inch if even that.

Reminded of me of REAL slavery not so long ago when plantation masters would make errant slaves wear heavy metal rings around their neck for DAYS on end (and not take ‘em off even while sleeping). Gazdooks!

And as the hours passed by, I’d stare at her soles, which would laugh at me – and talk to me, of course. Ms. Yang and Madam Sugar are the two ladies that really imprinted the “talk to her soles, boy” truism deep, deep down into my subconscious, and how!

And the first thing I saw, aching neck and shoulders and all, even if I fell asleep were her FEET. Her Soles. Her ROYAL soles, and that’s how it should be!

These days, I’m waking up to a photo of the Vietnamese Goddess I mentioned a few days ago.

That posture, those legs, those SOLES, those creamy SOLES, and of course she’s a lady of the night as well – double “arousal” if there ever was one!

Will I meet her in reality? Time will tell, of course, but the mind can bring anything into concrete form that it can IMAGINE, and it’s never failed me as yet, so …

Anyway, point of all this?

That the FIRST and last thoughts you have during your day often set the tone for your day, and what HAPPENS during your day. I’ve written about this a lot before, and today’s email is but more proof of this.

More on that later. For now, it’s adios … I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

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