When the boss becomes the BITCH …

So over the past few emails, I’ve waxed lyrical about ladies of the night, submitting to them (even when they LEAST expected it, hehe) – letting them take my money without doing what they were paid for – humiliating me – and so forth.

Am I crazy?

Well, what else is new. Hehe. That’s what the average person would say, but that’s not what people IN THE KNOW would say – and certainly NOT Mike Watson “from the U.K.” who showed up as a BOSS in India … and ended up becoming nothing but (and less than) Garima Madam’s bitch shortly thereafter!

The story of the young sales girl that literally took me in hand, and put him at FOOT – with some of the most humiliating tactics ever, including making him (a white male) serve domestic help (arguably the most downtrodden amongst many) “class” in India … and GROVEL before her.

In the Prequel to the story, she makes a cocky Indian manager – a GENERAL manager, no less GROVEL before her – and pay for the privilege of doing so .. or else!

And while Garima Madam fleeced him of everything she had – – and taught him a lesson he would NEVER forget, this email isn’t about that – it’s about something related.

The boss becoming the bitch. Indeed!

Sex workers are one of the most looked down upon workers in China (despite their often high pay etc) … and to be DENIED the same by a woman that’s given the same, and smilingly done the most “disgusting” of things with other vanilla men … but NOT with you, well, isn’t that a huge turn on, my friend?

To me, it’s more of a turn on than being dominated by a “regular” gal – not that THAT isn’t good, hehe, as Madam Sophia … and perhaps the imperious Ms. Priyanka would say!

But to me, when the boss becomes the BITCH adds a different power dynamic to the equation.

You’re in control – – or seemingly so.

YOU can fire Garima Madam anytime, but you’d never DARE to – and you’d never WANT to!

And the young girl with no skills other than femdom, the BEST skill she’d ever need with men … wins over a man more than double her age, earning way more than she could ever hope to … and all with that attitude, that LOOK in the eye that spots male submission from a country mile … .and of course, those feet, and the general DOMINANT VIBE!

The same applies to the ladies of the night I talk about.

They used me … the customer … seemingly the boss, and made their lives easier – – not just once … but twice.

And at the end of the day, isn’t that what TRUE female dominance, or femdom is about?

It’s about her having her cake … and eating it too … and if that means you lick a call girl’s dirty feet as she laughs at you and fleeces you for money (you paid for sex, but … ) … well … then, if you’re a TRUE femdom lover, this should turn you MORE than anything else!

And the thought of other men’s cocks enjoying what you paid for (while she didn’t, but still let ‘em!) … and you LICKING said area, and more … and being denied what you paid for (and more – think blue balls!!) … well, there is NO better turn for a true CUCK than that, hehe.

When the boss becomes the bitch, as they say … and it truly IS a turn on if you’re a true femdom lover!

All for now – back soon!


Mike Watson

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