We dont want to see your dick, footboy!

Oh MY!

This morning as I Idly browsed through my Instagram profile, and looked at the tons of likes, comments etc on my posts – one in particular stood out (pun intended! Hehe).

It was a lady whose ID I’m obviously not going to present here (for very obvious reasons!) that liked a photo I posted … a photo I love myself, and though I generally do NOT spend much time on Instagram or social media other than Wechat (hey, of course I spent time there – Princess Joanie knows that – so does the lovely Carol – and Madam Ann …and of course, perhaps the one and only and BEST of them if there ever such a thing – Madam PEARL!).

They’re ALL superior, and all the BEST – I don’t know how to choose one, hehe. I was presented with that option WAY back in the day when I visited house of ill repute (before I realize my orgams had a better purpose – – to be DENIED – – if at all, hehe) – – and my first thought upon looking at the girls brought before me wasn’t so much to “judge them”, but to think how they must be feeling, paraded around like “things” on a nightly basis.

Perhaps that’s why I kissed Madam Aa Ling’s feet that first night, hehe.

Perhaps that’s why (as I detailed in Sin Cities) – I let the “lady of the night” humiliate me (albeit indirectly) in a way she never would have other male clients (I don’t think she would have, hehe).

And so forth. Now note I didn’t feel “sorry” for them as they weren’t being forced into anything – they were making money – probably more than what I was making at my expat position back then (and that’s saying something back in the day!) – – and given the laws of supply and demand they were literally going NIGHTS without customers … but hey, I’m getting carried away.

Let me just suffice to say that lady of the night or not – – she’s still a Princess and a Goddess – – as she should be! ?

And now, on with the tale.

I don’t know if I told you about the time Madam Pearl actually allowed me an orgasm – – back when we first started “dating” (if you can call it that!)?

Well, after I bought her the (by now famous, hehe) RED – and SHORT skirt – that she showed off her lovely legs to such great advantage in, it was just too much for me to handle (in terms of NOT orgasming) and Madam picked up on this.

And though I did everything to try to get her NOT to allow me orgasm, she did anyway, albeit in her OWN style. Hehe.

“You may do now, boy!” she suddenly piped up, while giggling in between.

“But, Madam, are you sure??”

“Yes, I’m sure! I want to chat with you … and I want you get relief!”

At that point, she didn’t fully understand the concept of relief without relief, hehe, but she KNEW it deep down inside, but at that point she wanted something which pretty much all ladies want – that being a REAL person.

Believe it or not, that female Domina you’ve been lusting after WANTS a REAL person more than anything else, my friend – and that is ONE reason it’s one of the CARDINAL rules on “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”.

And my fingers have gotten weary of typing this, but I’ll do so anyway. It ain’t just to understand dominant Chinese ladies (though YES – as I’ve said, mainland China is by far the best place to be in terms of true femdom!) … it’s ALL ladies.

And so, as I came (didn’t take long at all, mind you!) – I sent her an audio note with my “moans and groans” … and my cum, of course. Hehe.

“Your voice is so sexy”, she noted.

And a short while later.  .  .

“Honey, I want to tell you something. “

“Whats that, Madam”, I asked.

“I just block this man!” , she said, Chinglish full to the fore as it were. “He sent me the nude picture!”

Nothing new to me, of course, to hear that. I’ve written about this before – – and I mean every word – – the vast multitude of guys that send women dick pics – – usually UNWANTED ones … are nothing but “losers that can’t get laid”, hehe.

And this was evidenced by the screenshots the lady I’m talking about (the one I saw on Instagram this morning) posted on her wall … a “gym instructor” sending her nudes (and he didn’t even look like he’ ever worked out a day in his life, but back to it!).

So Madam blocked the dude … and this brings me to my central point.

Sure, Madam saw MY dick. In fact, and I haven’t mentioned it in the Submissive Musings Volume dedicated to HER – that was often a topic of conversation with us as she’d talk about how my dick was “bigger than her last boyfriends” (although he was big too, according to her).

Which of course didn’t matter either way to me. She did, and her dominant MIND – and that look in the eye did – but again – back on point.

Madam doesn’t want to – or need to – see your dick, footboy (and by the way, that last term is a PRIVELEGE – – not an automatic right!).

I cannot – in fact, I’ve lost touch of the number of – idiots that add me on Instagram thinking I’m a woman and message me out of the blue with nudes, video calls etc. That’s something I’ve blogged about in the past as well, and it’s something that annoys the heck out of me so I can just imagine how the ladies must feel when men do that to them right out of the blue.

Guys – if they don’t know you – they want to see YOU, first off. They want to see a real PERSON. They’d like to know how you THINK.

All decidedly unsexy for most guys, but believe me, true femdom IS about the mind (as is true submission ) and thoughts truly ARE things … and that’s just as simple as it gets.

Dicks, or lack thereof are a distant LAST – and distant, and last both left town hehe.

Wallets come towards the front of the queue of course, but that’s a tale for a different times – – once I seek permission from Pearl to reveal what happened “afterward”, hehe.

All for now!


Mike Watson

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P.S #2 – Oh, and just remembered – this lady threatened to expose the said lunatic for who he IS, hehe- – a lunatic. Was enjoying reading that thread .. a lot! Hehe.

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