“She jiggled my boobies…”

So, in terms of one of the most embarrassing moments – yet one that was a TURN ON – big time – even down the road – here goes! 

Many, or most of you will recall the “lady of the night” I’ve often referred to in my writings as well as in the Sin City series (Volume 1 I believe) – an utterly RAVISHING young lady if there ever WAS one – with the softest skin, sexiest TOUCH … lovely fingers … and of course, those devious knowing, CUNNING Chinese eyes. 

That long black hair, that luscious butt .. need I go on? I think NOT! 

And I’ve mentioned how she looked at my cum in UTTER AND SHEER disgust when (unable to control myself a few minutes – seconds, actualuy, hehe) after she put her lovely lips to my nipples I came all over those pristine palms of hers. 

Yes, a lady of the night … and if you need more proof of why mainland china is THE BEST PLACE TO BE in terms of finding dominant women and then some, well, that’s some for ya right there! 

But I didn’t mention what happened before that, hehe. 

While in the shower together (remember, this was before my “super fit” Mike Watson days – back when I had a belly that was growing by the day and strong though I was, way too much FAT overall on my frame), she looked at my chest curiously. 

She flicked a nipple, and I moaned, and she giggled. 

… and then she grabbed my man tits, and started to bounce them up and down. 

… and as she did so, she giggled away. 

Part of it was a manufactured semi giggle, which means she found the bitch tits on the foreign devil to be hilarious, but as she laughed, she looked at my reaction out of the corner of her eye. 

I was a paying client, and she was well trained. 

At the slightest hint of annoyance, she’d likely apologize (albeit not mean it) – and in a very servile manner too, but with me … 

… no way! 

She KNEW it. That VIBE – – from both of us – – was OMNIPOTENT and as my hard on raged, she brought her mouth to my (or rather, I did as she led me to the bed …)

But you know that part of the story! Hehe. 

It was a truly embarrassing moment, hehe but NOWHERE near as some of the embarrassment some of these other gorgeous ladies have heaped upon me – Sophia Bai and Madam Carrie being two that come to mind rightaway! 

The most deviant ever those two were, in a long list I must say – and here is where you can READ ALL ABOUT that long list, hehe (most enjoyable, believe me!) – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/chinese-femdom/ 

And on a parting note for you cucks out there, what would have made it even more enjoyable? 

Perhaps a REAL man – a client, or a her boyfriend plowing away at her, balls slapping against her private parts …. And as he pulled out, ready to come, he’d grab my bitch tits – – and squeeze HARD – as he dumped a massive load down my throat – balls deep again, my nostrils full of his manly MUSK!!

“Ah! I’m coming bitch! Oh Yeahhhhhhhhh…. I’m coming! Take it, bitch!” 

What a turn on indeed for a true CUCK – or SISSY! 

And on that note, I will leave you be, my friend. Write back with your OWN tales of humiliation, and I’ll share them right here if you so choose! 


Mike Watson

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