Flyswat to the balls!

Today’s missive might come across as somewhat sadistic – but not really. 

Somewhat brutal and for those into pain (both GIVING and receiving) – but not really! 

Or, it may just be one of the most humiliating things you ever read – – and NO, this particular method of humiliation wasn’t used by Princess Joanie, and therefore it is NOT mentioned in Humiliation Central. 

Maybe in the next Volume, hehe, but the current one is selling out as fast as I can stock it (not really, hehe, downloadable and YOURS upon receipt of payment right here – –   ) but it was something Madam Ann used. 

You remember Ann, don’t you? 

YES – – its her from the Serving Ann series which I have NOT finished as yet. So much to do, so little time, and here is where you can grab the first Volume – – 

And back to it – as Ann (oops – OUCH! – Madam Ann!) – would say when I didn’t do the housework correctly, or when she’d think about ways to make me doing it even better … 

“What if you don’t do it right boy?” I still remember the first time she asked me, this BEFORE we met. 

“Well, maybe you can slap me. Punish me, Madam. Make me do it … “

She giggled. 

“Can I say something?” 

“Of course, Madam!” (bear in mind, this is not mentioned in the story!!) 

“How about I take a stick”, she said, with a wicked look on her “face”. 


“And beat you ass with it!” 

And with that she burst into racous peals of LAUGHTER as I agreed, and she enjoyed it as well – but here is what actually happened. 

One fine day, I was bent over, legs spread of course, when I felt a TWINGE – no more – of sheer PAIN shoot through my loins for just a second … 

Madam hadn’t taken a stick to my ass. 

She had taken a flyswatters to my … nuts! 

The beauty of this, you ask? Well, a HARD swap can make most adult men CRY within a few seconds and the light version of it … well, let’s just say the pain afficiandos amongst you will be SALIVATING. 

And those not quite into pain like yours truly will know what it mean NOT to obey Madam Ann – – and the consequences thereof! 

The balls, of course, are great not just from a femdom standpoint – – but a cuck standpoint as well. 

And a sissy standpoint too!

After all, your Madam’s stud – – the SAME one that pounds away at her every night while you resign yourself to the task of licking his manly, hairy BALLS … is “powered” by those very balls! 

The cum sissies like YOU so CRAVE …well, it comes from .. the balls! 

And they’re just one of the most lickable and suckable parts of a man – – after the cock, of course, hehe. 

A perfect way to work femdom into your relationship this, methinks. Not too extreme, not too light, and that’s what Mike Watson has to offer you TODAY. 

Try it, and let me know how it works out! 


Mike Watson

P.S. – You really DO owe it to yourself and your Mistress as a true CUCK to pick up a STEAMING HOT (pun intended, hehe) compilation – – Cuckold compilations – – available right here – – 

Grab it now – I guarantee your little sissy clit will be leaking for days after you read it! 

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