“Really? But I’m a lazy girl. I talk more, and do less!”

So,  I was talking to the gorgeous Madam Jojo again today, my friend.

I should actually say Goddess Jojo, so domineering and utterly COMMANDING is the look in her eyes – and the vibe she send out!

Or as I say, Madam Jojo. Or Princess Jojo (as she said she prefers)!

Epithets apart, Madam sent me a picture of her breakfast and lunch today.

Being that we’re just getting to know each other (but of course, the MOST important details are OUT of the way! Hehe) I was more than glad to see these.

“Thank you so much, Madam! You like to eat healthy, I see … “

And then I asked if she cooked it herself.

“Madam, did you cook?? Or eat out?”

There was no response, of course. She was busy, granted, but she’s also a Queen  – – and remember – – Queens don’t have to answer anything they don’t want to – – but YOU DO!

I asked her again later.

She giggled out loud.

“Sorry, I don’t have talent in cooking!”

“Maybe, Madam, but that’s OK. You’re Madam Jojo!” , I responded, with a “very shy” emoticon. “Actually, even if you’re not talented at it – – you don’t like it”, I finished up with a big grin.

No response, of course. Crickets! But I sensed the satisfied vibe, hehe.

Madam’s about to hook a new fish, and …

“Madam, do you know what I like most about you?” I ventured.

“You like my eyes, I know!” pat came the response.

“Of course! But the best and most important thing is your mind, Princess”, I said shyly. I can’t quite figure out how to address this lady – – prime and living proof of the fact that age, looks … NONE Of that matters when it comes to true femdom!

“Really? But I’m a lazy girl”, she replied.

“Queens should be lazy in certain regards – don’t you agree, Madam?”

“You’re a confident boss lady. You know a man’s true place!” I continued, scarcely believing what I was saying. After all, I know this lady a sum total of THREE days, including today!

And she responded with peals of laughter, of course.

“Boss lady? Really ?Yes, you’re right! I talk more – and DO less!”

And I couldn’t agree more with her – not in terms of what she is, of course. We’ve covered that – – but in terms of that last sentence.

She is a Goddess and Queen – – and unless it’s time for her nap and bedtime, she should talk more – – order more – – and do as little as possible – and the reverse holds true for YOU, footboy!

And I still remember Madam Pearl, of course, before going to bed.

She was one of the most talkative and dominant females I have had the privilege of being with, but when it was time to go to bed?

I still remember the voice ringing out, sexy, NEWLY confident and DOMINANT …

“Servant! It’s time for me to go to sleep. Shut up now, and rub my waist!”

It took her a few days to get used to this – – but once the floodgates of dominance were opened – – boy, did the other stuff follow shortly thereafter!

And I have even lesser doubt that the same will happen with Goddess Jojo – Supreme, Perfect Goddess Jojo – – and I’ll be sure and keep you POSTED on this!

All for now. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

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