The FIRST – and the last things you think about during your day!

Back when I was with Madam Pearl, often sleeping at her feet the entire night (sometimes I’d use her soles for a pillow if she’d let me, but that is a different story!) – or “rubbing her legs” as she put it while she snored gently – – or just in bed with her, barely able to sleep because of NO sexual release allowed and a steady “dribble” from my “sissy clit” – my first thought in the morning upon waking up was NOT that of release, or even related to it.

“Did Madam sleep well last night”, I’d often think.

“Does she need more water? It’s 4 AM, and there’ still a lot of time to wake up …” (and at that time, I’d often refill her water jug with cool – not COLD – water as she preferred before attempting to sleep myself).

I’ve written about a variant of this with the lovely Anne, of course, and the first thought upon waking up was her tea – – just as she liked it – – and a foot massage too on occasion!

Last night, I wrote to you about the regal Madam Jojo, and my LAST thoughts before going to bed (at least those I remember consciously) were of “pressing her feet as she slept, at least for an hour”!

This was something we spoke about – – and that was my last thought -and upon waking up (I woke up earlier than usual) – – “Oh, it’s 6 A.M. Madam needs her head rub. Hurry, boy!”

And while these thoughts are not the exception – rather the norm for me – I figured I’d bring it up here because this is ONE way to really attract TRUE femdom – or whatever you want – in all its shapes, forms and guises to you my friend.

And it ain’t just femdom. The subconscious is what controls the reality in our lives, and if you think abundance, for instance – or a ton of SALES the next morning – then guess what you will probably get.

It won’t be according to your schedule, of course – it will come when you least expect it – but COME IT WILL (no pun intended!) *as  you won’t, hehe* … and when it does, watch out. You better be prepared and then some!

“Be careful what you set your heart upon, for it shall be yours”.

And there is a good reason behind this saying – – as well as what I am saying about the first and last thoughts being the “definitive forces” behind your current reality in life – either femdom related or not.

Often times, I’ll have dreams of sales… or related dreams, but they do NOT come to me in the manner you’d expect, and are anything but direct.

Yet, when I wake up – there it is – boom – a sale, or many, and when I analyze the “how” – well – – I find out on ALL occasions that it’s something I’ve thinking about very deeply for the past night (or before I went to bed!) – or the past few days, even!

And that, my friend is the tip for today – an INVALUABLE one in terms of femdom.

Apply it to your own life, and report back with the results. I bet you’ll be nigh astouned!


Mike Watson

P.S. – More such great tips on attracting the dominant female of your dreams to you without even consciously trying are mentioned in my bestselling “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”. Grab it right NOW – and start attracting your dream lady TODAY –

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