“You are creating a fairy tale world for me”

So, its been an interesting day. I’ve been working on a few new projects – – been BUSY as a bee, actually. And in the midst of all this, of course I’ve been chatting – with a certain Madam Jojo, hehe.

That’s one thing about me though. I’m usually busy with something – either my writing – or my fitness ventures (so long as the imperious Miss V allows me! ?) – – and I’m usually NEVER, ever idle.

Idle minds are indeed a devil’s workshop, unless of course as a female friend of mine recently told me.

“Don’t be so busy! Focus on finding a girlfriend!”

And while she said that in jest, it reminded me of what Madam Jojo herself, the Queen of Shanghai, if I might say so – told me!

“I am kind of working creature, work a lot. So one thing is very important, my boyfriend can’t work too much!”

“Of course, Madam”, I responded. “Your boyfriend should serve you, right …? Help you …?”

She giggled.

“I’m happy to serve him too, but just want assure that when I have time for relax, he can be there, not in biz trip etc, otherwise too difficult to have “together” moments!!”

(and if you’re noticing the English, well, it’s because that is Chinese English, hehe. As is the case with Watson – – it’s always REALITY – – mixed in with a dose of creative license, except here there is none, hehe – it is 100% reality!)

“I think sometimes you can tell him to serve you, hehe. Madam Jojo prefers that. We both know it …”, I said, my voice trailing off.

And her “peals of amusement” told me all I need to know in that regard, hehe.

“Yes, definitely Madam likes her boyfriend serve him!” , she announced.

“In my opinion, woman is like a Queen in a relationship”, she continued. “Sometimes, she is the superior of a man!”

“Actually, Madam, a man’s place is under a woman’s shoe”, I continued … somewhat embarrassed. After all, I’ve only known her a day or two, and …!

And as I continued, I told her what I tell YOU on my list so many times – that she deserves it – to be served, and be a boss – – the Queen!

“I enjoy being spoiled”, she said, giggling. “What are the benefits Madam will have? Tell me!” she continued.

“Well, you can make your boyfriend do what you want. Press your feet, clean the house … and of course, cook, since you don’t like it …”

“Whatever you don’t like, you can tell him to do – – and if he likes it too, that’s what matters – – you don’t even have to force him!” , I continued, feeling shyer by the moment, but getting a giant, massive hard on as I spoke.

And as I talked about rubbing her feet at night, preparing coffee and tea for her, and “pressing her head in the morning” (she’s a morning person, so I said I’d wake up despite not being a morning person myself – of course, wake up before her, as I did with Madam Pearl!!) … she made the following remark.

“You are creating a fairy tale world for me!”

And that, my friend is a reaction I’ve often heard from ladies – if just because a lot of men SAY these things, but don’t follow through.

Yours truly does, of course, so I explained to her at length that it was NOT a fairy tale world – but really – if you’re a true femdom lover – either a male sub – – or a female Domina – -then serving her hand and foot, as she prefers – and thanking her for it – – should NOT be a “fairy tale” – – it should be reality!

Way too many men talk about it as a “fantasy” but don’t actually DO it – – which ruins the fun of it all for HER –  and that, my friend – is a cardinal sin if you’re interested in TRUE femdom.

It’s always about her – her having cake and eating it too – – and on that note, it’s adios for now. I’ll be sure and update you on how this situation turns out!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Waking up early was but ONE thing I did for Madam Pearl – – one amongst many. And being she’s also from Shanghai, its apt to bring her up at this stage – and as for what I did with her – well – Submissive Musings – Volume #1 gives you the low down on that. Here is where you can get it – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/submissivemusings/

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