The brattier – the BETTER – and how it feels to GIVE TO HER!

Dear Reader,

Recently I came across a post on my Twitter account with a gorgeous looking lady – – a lady into findom, apparently – – with the caption (IIRC) “How does it feel to give to a rich brat like me?!”

Needless to say, the lady was perfect  — right down to the lovely, luscious bubble butt  just waiting to be worshipped – – if she allowed it, of course – – one lucky SUB that would be!

And that got me thinking.

Many moons ago, an ex girlfriend of mine (I believe I’ve mentioned her in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” as well as a couple of other manuals) just could NOT understand my true desire to be a in a TRULY female dominated relationship.

And while she didn’t mind the foot fetish – – or the nipple play – – or even the sissy part on occasion – – what she did NOT like (or could not understand would be a better descriptor) is why I wanted her to be “truly” into it.

In other words, and as she said, “honey, why do you want me to say mean things to you…?”

Now, perhaps she wasn’t truly into femdom – – but the other side to that coin of course is – that I was fairly “callow” at the time both in terms of having experienced true femdom – – and in terms of gently “getting my lady to accept it!”

True, I had the right desires – – but I did NOT know how to make them a reality. That is, of course, in part why I came out with “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” – a book that while geared towards ladies of Chinese origin works for ladies of EVERY hue, color and shape!

It’s all about the mind – – BOY!

And TRUE femdom comes with a GOOD DEGREE of brattiness – and HER satisfaction in knowing that she has her cake – – and is eating it as well!

And for the sub?

It’s that feeling of “wanting to drop down to one’s knees” once one sees the LOOK in the EYE!

Or, the same feeling when seeing her relaxing on a park bench – – or anywhere – feet up – – soles on full display!

Or, when she’s showing her ass off – with that wicked look in her eye!

Or, plain and simple – – when she is (as my ex put it) being a total “bitch” to you!

Or brat, as it were. The male submissive is always the bitch – – never her!

True femdom just doesn’t WORK RIGHT without her being an utter brat – – and controlling at that – – and by that I mean utter and complete control – – until she owns you – – lock, stock and barrel – pun INTENDED in terms of #1!

Many years ago, I spoke to a lady called Madam Sadie on Yahoo, and within a short while of meeting her she was jeeringly taunting me about her boyfriend’s extra large condoms, and how much “fun” she had with him.

I remember writing a Chapter of entire story dedicated to her – – and she enjoyed it.

“Very well written, boy! The only mistake though is – – I prefer my steak WELL DONE – – not rare!”

And as far as I’m concerned, she probably DID prefer it rare – – but it wouldn’t be true femdom without that one mistake on the part of the sub, would it now?

Hehe – – Ill write about that later – – but for now – – remember – – she’s always perfect – – and you – – as the male submissive – – can NEVER EVER BE SO!

Embed that REALITY DEEP into your mind, my friend – – and watch your submissive side grow by leaps and bounds DAILY.


Mike Watson

P.S. – Being cuckolded is but a natural progression to being truly submissive. The ex I spoke about had tons of guys “before me” – and my callow self often felt “insecure and jealous” (sound familiar, guys??) … Oh, if only I knew what I do NOW – – I’d probably have written ten more books on being cuckolded – and well at that!

In the interim though, if “struggling to expose her to true femdom” is YOU – – or if struggling to ACCEPT true femdom as a lady is YOU – – well – – then Cuck Central is yet another course you really need to grab – – and get ON BOARD in terms of the mental conditioning. Do so right here – –

P.P.S #2 – You’ll see the above course being offered at a special price which will NOT last long – and certainly not forever. Jump on it NOW.

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