Madam Christina broke my self imposed “chaste” period …

Dear Reader,

Well, I’ve been busier than a bee rejigging the website as you can see – and putting title after title up on the site for sale.

These are all books I had written years ago – but for whatever reason, never thought of putting them up on THIS very site for sale – well – mistake rectified, my friend!

Still a couple of “compilations” left in terms of the books on Chinese Femdom, and I’ll get to those shortly as well, but I just remembered I didn’t “talk to y’all ” today – – and so here is today’s update!

Having an email list – an active one – – is like family, hehe. If you don’t stay in touch one day – people start “wondering”. Two, and I receive emails from folks wanting to know what’s up (did Sophia Bai corall you again was one recent question I got, hehe).

And three days … ah, but you get the drift!

Anyway, last night I received a message from a certain Christina – a lady who I spoke with first months ago – a hot tempered lady with whom I’ve had my fair share of “arguments” on this and that – – only to be reminded at the end of it all – – that SHE – – is always RIGHT!

She messaged me last night, but I instantly noticed something was different.

Instead of the cute face and those knowing, black eyes I see so often on the wechat profile picture, I saw a different picture.

A picture with her eyes – no mistaking those knowing eyes! – and a mask covering the rest of her face.

And this is understandable given the COVID-19 virus sweeping through the nation and indeed the world, but God, the effect that mask had was so extra-ordinarily SEXY – – I couldn’t help but blurt out.

“Madam, you look gorgeous with the mask!”

Big grins in response, of course …

For those that don’t know, I have spent some time in the Middle East as well – where the ladies are covered from head to toe – emphasis on “until toe”.

No restriction on the feet (at least not if you’re not in Saudi Arabia!) – and the face – and as I’ve stated so often, true femdom is about the mind – and the LOOK in the eyes, and though these ladies were all covered up, that “fleeting glimpse” I got of their lovely bare feet in high heels – and their FACES (in full makeup, of course!) -often left me with a hard on – ON THE SPOT!

And the same was the case with Madam Christina last night – and why do I tell you this?

Well, my abstinence from “real orgasms” is a well known FACT on this list!

And last night, I couldn’t help but get a massive hard on before going to bed.

The eyes stuck in my mind.

The giggle, and the jeering (ever so slightly!) voice – knowing the impact she was having on me …

And the knowledge wherein she’s secure knowing she is always right at the end of the day – even if she isn’t!

And try as I might, I could NOT stop the cum from “bubbling up” – and note, I did NOT touch my dick at all.

And then it happened. I just had to “rub one out” (and all I did was gently stroke my cock) – – and it happened – – or at least partially, but it was an interesting partial orgasm.

While I DID get a lot of the pleasure associated with the orgasm, it was not a full orgasm – either in terms of pleasure – or “goo produced” (the girl I wrote to you in the last email about would probably not have turned up her nose that much if the amount was this much!).

But it was still a copious amount, and it was still a GOOD orgasm – but as I looked on the mess on my hands – I made sure to cum in my hands, Madam’s eyes came to the fore again – and I started to get hard again.

No loss of self control this time – and I then did what a true sissy would – or should!

I “punished” myself – and lapped up my own cum – despite it being late at night – and despite noone there to “oversee the task”, hehe.

I knew that is what Madam Christina would have wanted at the end of the day – – and as I sit here, thinking of her, I’m starting to get another hard on!

So, thats it for today’s update, my friend. If being a cum drinking sissy appeals greatly to you – then so will Sissy Central – my BESTSELLING new course on how to become the PERFECT SISSY – – grab it right here – –


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you’re into sissification – extreme humiliation – and degradation like never before – you’ll want to check out the Indian Goddess series – right here – –

P.S# 2 – And if “value for money” is your thing – well – we’ve got you covered there too. Check this link out (Indian femdom – I’ll update the Chinese femdom link shortly too) – –



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