She wouldn’t even touch my dick!

Dear Reader,

So, a long long time ago – I visited a foot massage parlor in Southern China (one I’ve visited many a times, by the way) – one that is dear to me, both in terms of experience, and memories!

So many good memories there – and it is the same one I’ve detailed in Sin City Diaries – Volume One. Those days were different, if you get my drift – many good memories – and part of the lure of these foot massage parlors (at least back then – and at least for my then 23 year old “randy” self) was the “special services” on offer.

While they were not quite “brothels” of the type described in “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” (a very critically acclaimed book by the way, if just for the raw reality depicted therein) – there were certainly special services on offer there – handjobs, blowjobs, or perhaps “footjobs” too for those of us with a kink.

Not all the girls were that amenable to providing special services, but it was pretty much expected (along with the mandatory “tip”) – so most did it …

And I still remember this time I didn’t visit “Liao” (her of Sin City Diaries – ah, but thats a different, and much nicer tale! Hehe) – and visited a different girl for my regular foot massage.

Foot massages in China rarely confine themselves to the foot alone, my friend. In fact, the foot massage part is about 15-20 minutes in all – the rest of the time you’ve reclining in a comfortable sofa chair – with your feet in hot water – and the girl (or girls, depending upon!) you choose massaging your back, shoulders, chest, and pretty much every other part of your body while you relax.

An enjoyable experience indeed if you can handle the ladies fingers literally digging into your feet – and body – most describe it as painful, and it is the first few times you do it – but boy does it feel good later!

It feels like you’re  “walking on air”, so to speak, once the massage is done – this WITHOUT the special services, hehe.

Anyway, so as I booked a second hour with the lady (the custom was massage during the second hour, and then if you “liked” her, you would book another hour -with “special services on offer” during that second hour) – – she started massaging my stomach idly.

This lady wasn’t much into the massage, from what it seemed.

She had a bored, indifferent look on her face – – a look that plainly said “I couldn’t be bothered – I Could care less!” – and this vibe was apparent to me from the moment I “chose” her (out of a line up) – but yes, for some strange reason, choose her I did!

Perhaps it was the sheer dominance, perhaps the “why the hell do I have to be stuck here tending to these nasty men” vibe that subconsciously did it for me!

And as she tweaked my nipples with those lovely Chinese fingers of hers, I couldn’t hold back any more. I brought her hands down to my loins, and she continued the massage, but with an irritated look on her face.

And I finally couldn’t take it anymore, and unbuckled my pants for the handjob (which was pretty much standard “special service”) – and her reaction was to be noted!

My word – she literally YANKED her hands back as I brought them (or tried to) – to my member – – and she looked at my dick in a nasty manner as if to say “that!! No way!”

And it turned me on even more. She continued the nipple tweaks, of course, for some reason – -and I was left with no option but to jerk off myself – and as I came in great gushing spurts, moaning like a bitch in heat, she titled her head back.

“I don’t want that nasty spunk landing on my chin, boy!”

The words were left unsaid – but that was her import – and as she continued the massage later, bored – I didn’t have to tip her – or even if I did, probably half the expected amount, as she never even touched my member.

But tip her I did – and visit her again I did – and that my friend – is another tale for Sin City Diaries – Volume #2!!

A lady of the night, or close to it – – and she wouldn’t even touch my dick – and literally WANTED the tip later anyway! If that ain’t femdom for you, I don’t know what is – and that is why I keep saying – if you are TRULY into femdom – there is NO better place on planet Earth than mainland China, hehe.

All for now! If you enjoy TRUE tales like this – then you’ll want to pick up Sin City Diaries – Volume #1 – right here –


Mike Watson

P.S. – “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” is a tale of yours truly being taken in hand – well and truly – by NONE other than a lady of the night – and it was a very well received book indeed. I first put it out in 2014, and it is STILL going strong here. Grab your copy right here – –

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