How Madam Su cuckolded me …

Dear Reader,

So, I dont know if you remember the inimitable Sophia Bai – that lovely orange sweater – and of course, the “Hello, boy!” by which it all started – pretty much the day AFTER I started chatting with her online.

Now, I had literally no idea that it would lead up to where it eventually did – and in terms of stories, I thought the initial “Sophia Bai” novel would be enough – but it wasn’t. That same novel “spawned” (NO puns intended!) another one – and then a sequel … and then another!!

That often happens with me, of course – exactly the same thing happened with the Empress Cody series – and the “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant” series …

Anyway, in that first series, we’re introduced to the gorgeous Su – or, Madam Su, should I say.

A lovely, tall Chinese lady from Northern China – currently in Shenzhen, China – long black hair, a perfect figure, lovely black knowing eyes … and oh, that lovely, devious, cunning, femdom oriented mind!

“You can clean the house for me, boy! You can also press my legs while I watch movies!” ,

I still remember her orders – issued with a sardonic giggle as she looked down at me with that look in the eye …

And of course, her lovers – – and the FIRST one – Jeremy, I believe it was – I’m not sure of the name – there have been so many!

She once laughingly asked me this – “What will you do when my lover comes over, boy?!”

And this isn’t as far off from  real life as you might imagine, hehe. She DID actually ask me that – and I did actually answer – but anyway, back to the cuckolding – and it would make sense to bring up POV’s here!

One of the most recent videos I saw on Twitter was of a male dom with a perfect body – sexy, slim, and not the slightest amount of fat – and a long curved, proudly erect dick that he wasn’t shy about showing off …

He was standing erect – with a sub at his feet – and a lady jeering the sub on.

Worship me from down there, boy! The view is always better down there!

And it is – especially with that lovely cock standing up erect and PROUD – a real MAN’s cock – with your dominant lady ready to be taken by it!

Another one I saw was of a male dom showing his perfect ass off … and my first thought was “the treasure between those perfect cheeks!”

Man, what a turn on … and this sort of thing is precisely what happened when Sophia Bai loaned me to Madam Su – and her lovers came over – to a perfect apartment that had been assidously cleaned all day – by yours truly!

And while those POV’s are obviously a turn on and sexy as hell if you’re into cuckolding – or even femdom in general – the point is this – I was lucky enough to meet both Madam Sophia and Madam Su – and there wasn’t that much initiation required, either into femdom or cuckoldry …

… but this hasn’t always been the case with me, my friend – and this is likely not the case with YOU either.

Getting her into femdom is sometimes a hard enough experience (remember the part about one of my girlfriends once asked me to go to “counseling” because of my foot fetish!?) – and cuckolding??

“You’re crazy!”

“I’ll never do that!”

In fact, even the gorgeous Su (in real life) was a tad bit nervous about it before jumping into cuckolding.

Do you really love me if you can accept me with another man?“, she would constantly ask, while forgetting that she was the one that said she’d do it anyway – while I was NOT allowed to have other women of any nature!

Femdom from the heart indeed, my friend – but anyway – the key to getting your lady involved in all this is NOT what you’ve been told.

It’s not about being “honest and direct” although that DOES play a part. But if that is all that you do – then you’re likely to end up with failure in this regard.

It’s not just about watching porn with her. It’s not just about giving her examples of “who does it”.

No, the key is something else – something you’re not being told – and something I use in my daily life to attract female dominance to myself in all shapes, forms and guises without even trying.

And in terms of cuckoldry – that is precisely why I put out Cuck Central – to teach not just YOU how to turn into the perfect cuck for her – but to get HER involved in it as well!

Grab that manual right now, my friend – it promises to change your life forever!


Mike Watson

P.S. – I had a dream about my (now no more) grandmother last night – where she was angry, kicking things over, and I was running after her, exhorting her to put her feet up and let me “press” them while she relaxed, still angry and fuming, but relaxed. Ah, another POV there for you! Doesn’t hurt that she had lovely broad soles that I remember from a young age. …

P.S #2 – She was naturally dominant as well, and before getting YOUR S.O. into cuckolding – it’s imperative you build a strong base first, my friend – and get the FIRST step out of the way – which is to get her well and truly comfortable with FEMDOM itself. And my course here on “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” will give you TWENTY power packed TIPS on how to do just that. Grab it right now –

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