Buy her gifts – and thank her for the privilege!

Dear Reader,

While I’ve often stated the best part about femdom is the mental part (both parties being REALLY into it from a mental standpoint – the look in the eye – and so forth) – something else that is a huge turn for me (as well as most ladies I’ve been fortunate enough to be with) – – is the fact she gets to have her cake – and eat it too!

I’ll never forget, for instance, the first gift (one amongst many that really opened the floodgates of dominance, so to speak) – and when I profusely thanked her for allowing me to buy her a gift.

“Madam, thank you so much!” (this was after I bought it for her)

She sent me several “roses” (remember, we first met online before in person – and that story – a most interesting one, hehe is detailed in Submissive Musings in mainland China – Volume #1 ) and gave me a huge grin of sorts.

“Madam, I’m so lucky!”, I went.

And I meant it, of course. This gorgeous 26 year old Shanghai resident, native of Hunan province was coming around to femdom, and how much fun it was – – and me thanking her – – after buying her a gift – -of HER choice – was the biggest turn on for me at that time!

And then she asked me.

“Honey, I’m curious. Why do you thank me – should I not thank you?”

“Why does the person who bought a gift thank the person that received?? ” she went on.

My only response at the time was a “shy” emoticon and her response? More big grins.

Words aren’t necessary at the best of times, my friend – especially when it comes to submissive/dominant vibes, and that perfect match!

She quickly got used to it though, and when she sent me a shopping list two weeks later (a purse, some items of makeup and a pair of shorts were on the list) – remember, I was the one doing her shopping for her (and paying for it too – sometimes it pays to be careful when requesting a lady to accept “help” with her shopping! ;)).

“Hurry up, boy! Buy!” was the command that came, and then … while I was buying the items…

“Thank me too, boy! Why didnt you say thank you?”

Giggle, giggle she then went as I profusely thanked her (and this time it was in person –  on my knees – where I had been for the better part of half an hour prior to this, “pressing her feet”, as she liked to put it, hehe while she was snapping photos of me doing it and giggling away all the time).

Thanked her with a giant hard on I must say – that was pre-caging, and pre-milking – – and … ah, the memories, the memories. I’m really thinking of coming out with Submissive Musings – Volume #3  – again featuring the imperious and lovely Pearl – or perhaps both Princess Sherry and Madam Pearl, hehe. Come to think of it, they’d probably domme me real well together! Hehe …

And thats another thing I love about femdom – and that all prospective male subs should keep in mind.

Always  compliment her no matter what – and make sure it’s a genuine compliment – and dont be shy about letting her know – and always thank her for everything – because SHE – and only SHE – deserves it!

And as I chat with Madam Lotus now, thats exactly what I told her as soon as she replied to my message (after a day and a half, hehe).

“Thank you so much, Madam!”

This was after she thanked me for my message.

“I should be the one thanking you…” I went.

…. pregnant pause, and then, of course … the HUGE grin.

“yeah, you should!”

And as for the rest of that tale – well – it’s a tale for another time, me thinks!

I’m off for now – I’ll be back tomorrow!


Mike Watson

P.S. – What I mentioned above should be one of the cardinal rules every TRUE male submissive should adhere to – very strictly, at that – if they’re serious about finding the right dominant woman. Plenty of other such rules – all for HER benefit, mind you! hehe – are mentioned right here – this manual is a MUST grab if you’re in any way, shape or form serious about femdom – –

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