Meeting Madam Susan …

Dear Reader,

So yesterday (or I believe day before yesterday, actually) I received an interesting looking message on my WeChat (China’s answer to Facebook, Whatsapp, and just about everything apparently).

Turned out to be one of those spammy messages about “checking who has deleted me” – which I often get – and usually ignore – but this one was different, my friend.

SOMETHING was different, and as I saw the name of the sender – and the profile picture – it clicked!

It was Susan – Madam Susan, if I might say so – who I met way, way back in 2017 I believe – back when I wrote the Madam Carrie series.

Or perhaps it was 2016. I’m not sure – time flies – but Madam Carrie, the lovely, gorgeous imperious and COMMANDING Madam Carrie to whom no less than FOUR books are dedicated – I first met her when apartment hunting (as I tell you in the story) and she literally cast a spell over me with her eyes – and those lovely, oh so lovely fingernails, painted a shade of white if I remember right …

… Or maybe it was white with a lot of nail art – cute nail art – and the nails were pointed.

She was a 23 year old “fresh” lass from Sichuan province in China – slightly on the heavier side, and the shorts she wore bore this out – as her lovely luscious thighs “wiggled” as she walked – especially the back of her thighs …

You’d think she would be a tad bit self conscious about it – but she wasn’t (rightfully so – she’s a Goddess!!) – – and I had a giant hard on from the minute I looked at her – – and that FIRST meeting spawned no less than four books, hehe, so you can imagine the impact she had upon me.

And in the book, I mention her friend Susan – or should I say Madam Susan – or Perfect Madam Susan – or Imperious Madam Susan … any of those would fit!

She’s an older lady, around 45-50 I believe – but not that it mattered to me!

Now as for what she does to me in the book(s) – – well, I’ll let you crack open the book for yourself and see (think Ms. Priyanka x 10) – – by the way, if you’re into true femdom where she has her cake and EATS it too – or degradation – or servitude – oral worship – any of that – then the Madam Carrie series is PERFECT for you, my friend.

As is the “Krystal- the Teaching Assistant” series – five books, no less, ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself here!

So cut to the present, huh?

That message was from no other than Madam Susan, and I wouldnt be lying to say I felt weak in the knees when I got her message – and I was sitting down!!

I haven’t spoken to her in ages, and I thanked her profusely for messaging me (more than once, hehe) – to which she just “smiled a contented smile”.

“You’re funny!” was what she said, in that oh-so-mature tone of hers – which drove me CRAZY, I must admit.

Now, the average person would probably not think much of either Madam Carrie or Madam Susan, especially Susan.

But looks aren’t everything, my friend. In fact they’re DOWN the list of priorities in terms of true femdom – – and as I’ve said so often, it ain’t the look – it’s her MIND that counts!

Recently I saw a video of a woman claiming to have gained 20 kgs or so in 20 days during the recent Coronavirus lockdown – a video where she was literally “grabbing the rolls of fat” around her midsection (and there was a lot – nightmare from a health/fitness perspective) but the sheer confidence with which she did it was such a turn of for me that if she’d put her feet up on the table – I’d drop to my knees right there and then!

Anyway, that should explain how I feel about this – yet again, hehe.

“Maybe I should write a book, Madam”, I said, with a huge grin.

“Meeting Madam Susan!”

“Haha”, she laughed. “Great. I’ve got plenty of rich stories to share!”

And as for what exact stories those are – – well — you’ll have to wait and see until the book comes out!

So that’s the update for today. Madam Susan is gorgeous, dominant, and oh-so-attractive, and here’s another huge thank you to her for her message!!


Mike Watson

P.S. – I’ve often said that true male submissives should never have a real orgasm and condition themselves to accept either being milked or their orgasm being RUINED. And if that’s a turn on for me – and it is for many given the sales – I’ve got just the manual for you – on ruined orgasms no less – – right here – –

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