“Paye Lagu, Memsahib!”

Dear Reader,

So as I made a quick trip to the liqor store last night, I saw a lady standing in line – along with a few other guys.

She wasn’t with those guys,or didnt appear to be, at any rate – – and she was dressed normally, in a long T-shirt of sorts, and “short shorts” if you get my drift, hehe.

(That’s one of my favorites styles by the way for a girl – it looks like she’s wearing nothing but a shirt – – and those never ending fair skinned Chinese legs, and … ah, but I’m getting carried away!)

This girl was actually dark skinned – and not bad looking – but nothing special. Probably Indian, or probably of Indian origin at any rate – I’m not sure – but what you are probably sure of (if you’re a regular reader of this newsletter) – and what I’m sure of – is where my gaze first went.

Thats right – I noticed her lovely, sparkling eyes first – and so did she out of the corner of her eye – and I noticed her legs – and her feet.

Oh, those lovely feet! Her feet were indeed gorgeous – toenails painted (what seemed like a fresh) shade of green – and the feet looked pedicured, and those legs were gorgeous too!

While I didnt linger around the store longer than I had to, I DID feel the urge to drop down and prostrate myself at Madam’s beautiful feet – and say “Paye Lagu Memsahib”, as the gorgeous Miss Priyanka, her of my FIRST novel – used to make me do so often!

Actually it was “Malkin” (Mistress in Hindi) for her most of the time, but “Memsahib” is a pretty close version of that same word – and just about as obsequious if said right, hehe.

And it got me thinking … about Goddess Priyanka, and how I met her in college all those years ago (and YES – that story is TRUE – reality mixed in with a dab of creative license as I like to say!) … And of course, her pink flip flops, those lovely feet …

Those sparkling, knowing black eyes.

Those legs that would drive any heterosexual man INSANE – submissive or not – that lovely voice – Madam Pooja (her friend) – and many, many other things.

I can still feel Madam Pooja’s strong hands on my nipples. I still remember the night she made me literally “moo” for her amusement …milking time, anyone??!

That was my first real femdom experience, and as with “getting it on the first time”, you never forget the first time.

Recently I saw a post on my Twitter account from a findomme whose first sub blocked her out of frustration because “he couldn’t keep up with the other subs”.

Huh?? WTF, was my reaction and so was hers.

As she said, the first sub is always special – – and findom isnt necessarily about trying to outdo the other sub – – especially if you have a long term relationship of sorts with your Domina.

I wonder what that dude was thinking when he blocked her – who knows.

I DO know what I’m thinking about now – any guesses? Hehe …

And that’s the update for today, my friend. I’ll be back again tomorrow!


Mike Watson

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