Madam is always the boss…

Dear Reader,

I don’t know why, but the term “boss lady” is one I really like, hehe.

Sure, I like addressing her as “Mistress” – or “Goddess” – or even Princess (that last being my favorite, hence Princess Tina) – -but all of that, although it sounds good at the right time isn’t ideal either in the “real world” – – and doesn’t really “feel that real” – – not to me, at least.

No, I’m NOT saying we should erase the lines between fantasy and reality — but (and to me, at least, and you can see this from my writings) the BEST “fun” (or play) occurs when those lines are blurred, hehe.

Take for instance, yours truly wearing a remote controlled butt plug when he went out with Madam Pearl.

A butt plug that she could control remotely from a certain distance – a plug that vibrated in all the right areas, and even emitted a tiny electric “jolt” of sorts, hehe — in again, all the right areas!

And Madam would make sure to do it when I was completely unaware of it, hehe.

For instance, when I was peeing – – sitting down, of course! If you’ve ever had that “sexy yet oh so uncomfortable” sensation by having your P spot stimulated right after a good pee – – you would know!

Or, when I’d bring her wine – – on a tray, of course, at home – – and she’d depress that dreaded button. Wine would spill, and shed slap me – – with that look in the eye, oh God(dess) – – that LOOK in the eye …

In short – and in other words – she was in control.

SHE was the boss – – and SHE pretty much controlled my finances as well at that time (and for those of you that don’t believe this, read how our initial “online” meetings proceeded right here – – and you will!)

#findom if there ever was such a thing, hehe!

This morning, I was chatting with a lady that added me out of the blue (I know, I know) on WeChat – – China’s most popular messaging app as I’ve said many a times in the past.

“I’m Lotus!” was her brief introduction when I asked her who she was. She also told me she was a teacher at a learning center, but that was that. She coolly ignored me for days after that, but I didn’t forget her, of course, hehe.

This morning, as I messaged her with a “big grin”, she responded back.

“Madam, you forgot to answer my question” I said. “But you don’t have to answer if you don’t want, of course … ”

(As I have said many a times in the past – – SHE never needs to answer anything – -but you DO!)

My question was basically if she owned the learning center she worked at – – so strong was the dominant vibe I got off her after her initial text.

“My center I just teacher!”

“Oh, I see. But you’re always the boss Madam…. at least, I think so. “, I responded, with more “shy faces”.

Pregnant pause.

“Don’t you think so?”

“No, I don’t think so”, she replied with a big grin. But of course, she does!

I then asked her where she was from in China.

“I not local”, she replied. “Jiangxi in China…”

(That is a province famous for it’s spicy food, by the way – – along with Hunan and certain other areas of the country)

“Lots of spicy food! Do you like cooking?”, I asked. (knowing the answer already, hehe).

“I like eating spicy food”

…. “But I don’t like cooking”, she replied, again with a huge grin (three of them actually).

“Now you know why I said you’re the boss, hehe”, I replied. “And I’m pretty sure you don’t like housework either. Someone doing it for you is better!”

And so it went, hehe.

Now, a lot of you are probably thinking she was young and gorgeous, etc etc. Or had a great figure. Or something to that effect.

Nope. Nothing at all. In fact you may even call her “dowdy” to an extent – – so plain is she – – but like I’ve said before – – looks are NOT important when it comes to true femdom. What is important is the vibe (for both parties) – -and the acknowledgement that she is always right – – and always the BOSS!!

That, to me is what I really, really love about femdom, hehe.

Anyway, she doesn’t know about Princess Tina – as yet – but I’ll tell her. Hehe. Whether or not the Princess will allow me to chat more with her is another story – – but we’ll see! 😉

Of course, Princess will do what she likes with her husband, hehe – – who am I to to tell her otherwise! 😉

I know my role and am happy to serve, hehe!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Yes, I sound like a true cuck at times, and this is pretty much why I’d like to teach YOU, the budding cuck how to become one – – and getting my manual on it would be an excellent start – –

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