“Madam, it’s important to serve you as YOU prefer – and deserve!”

Dear Reader,

One of the joys of true servitude – – or should I say one of the hallmarks of a true submissive, either male or female, is serving his/her Domina – or Dom, for that matter – as they prefer!

Way, way too many people try and “top from the bottom”, which might be fun temporarily, but ruins the relationship overall.

After all, think about this.

When you go to a restaurant, for instance, does the waiter serve you as he (or she, as the case might be) prefers?

If you tell him to bring you the drinks first, and food later – does he do it that way – or does he do it another way – or does he up and say “I’ll do it my way or the highway!”

If he chose either of the two latter options, what would you reaction be as a customer?

And this, my friend, is answer enough – – and why should femdom be any different?? If anything, a true male sub should be more attuned to her needs – her desires – HER preferences — and work on getting gratification THAT way! 

I was talking to a lady today that I’ve been chatting with a while.

“I’m doing embroidery right now”, she replied when I messaged her.

“Oh! Madam, thats fine, but would you like some tea?”

And then, though I was making green tea, I stopped.

“Madam .. What would you prefer? Red tea, or green”.

She giggled.


And though I was making green tea at the time, I stopped – and made red instead (and for those not in the know, this is Chinese tea – many different kinds, colors etc – but what we in the West refer to as “black tea” is what the Chinese refer to as “red tea” a.k.a hong cha”

“Wo xi huan hong cha:”, she replied. And then a giggle, and …. “pu ren!”

I like red tea … servant!!

And hearing that one word turned me on so much.

Not just because Madam Pearl used it all the time, with an “evil”, and oh-so-sexy GLINT in her eye, oh, that LOOK in her eye!

Not because the imperious Madam Aa Ling, a lady of the night before no less, used it with me … (humiliation there, anyone?? ;))…

But because of the SATISFACTION in her voice.

She knows I’ll serve her, but as SHE prefers!

In the beginning it took her a while to get used to it, of course.

“I hope you can learn to enjoy this, and relax”, I still remember telling her (online), accompanied by a huge grin back when we first met online.

“Well, I hope to!”, was her tentative response.

“It’s important I learn your preferences, how you like, and what you like, Madam, and serve you that way. Don’t you agree?”, i asked, in a very shy tone of “voice”.

Giggle, giggle.

“Yes, you’re right! I think so!”

And so forth. While it took her a while to understand that SHE lays down the law – the way SHE prefers – and I better obey or else – it made the whole dynamic so much more interesting!

And on that note, Madam’s tea is over, so I better go fetch her some. She’s hungry too, so its off to the kitchen with her “girlfriend” (female friend, hehe, if you get my drift). In other words, its off to the kitchen with yours truly to warm some Chinese dumplings up for this Goddess, and on that note, I’ll leave you be!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If humiliation is your thing, and what I said about a lady of the night (no less!) taking utter, and complete control of me – – well then, you’ll enjoy taking things a step further. Princess Joanie was most definitely NOT a lady of the night, but she was, and still remains, every bit a dominant Chinese Goddess as there ever was. And the 25 tips in Humiliation Central? Guess where I learnt them. They reduced me to MUSH pretty much – and if being humiliated to an EXTREME is your thang, go for it, my friend in slavery and submission! Here is that link – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

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