Are cucks “gay”

Dear Reader,

Today I’m going to delve into a very popular misconception – and indeed one that prevents those truly interested in cuckolding to enjoy all the benefits of said fetish with a FREE and open mind (well, not the only one – but one of the main ones).

That being, “are cucks gay”?

The other of course, is the jealousy issue we’ve spoken about before, and to that my answer is, has and always will be the same – GROW up, guys!

You wanted her to do it – now that she finally is – you’re giving her a guilt trip over it??

And of course, if you as a male sub can’t do what she wants in bed – which is to pound away like an alpha – which you aren’t – then she deserves all the sexual pleasure she gets from other men – while you pamper her in all other regards!

Horses for courses – pun intended – big black horses, hehe.

Now back to the “gay” thing.

Are you gay if you like sucking cock? Why would you want to do it anyway? Why would you want me with other men anyway??

The last is beyond the scope of this email – but let me put one thing to rest, my friend.

First off and as I’ve stated tons of times before, labels are nigh worthless. Life and sexual preferences in general are shades of grey – not black and white, and it’s erroneous to lump individual into any sort of wide ranging bracket such as “gay” or “lesbian”.

That said, in the traditional sense of the word (and indeed, that is what makes it so deliciously humiliating!) – you’re gay not simply because you like cock.

Plenty of straight guys, not the least of all ME – LOVE cocks – and yet we don’t want to be in a relationship with said man.

We don’t even want to know him beyond the cock, hehe, unless it’s about his sexual preferences while serving Mistress!

For those that DO – for those that would rather kiss/marry a man than a woman – or in terms of fetish, rather kiss his lips than her soles – well, then yes, you may be “gay” or a tad bit thereof, but the vast majority of subs I’ve come across have been anything but – and ditto for you alphas out there.

Other hand, true cucks do tend to be real submissiveness – for reasons as mentioned in the last email – but also because they are in essence submitting to another man – if just sexually!

I’ve written in the past about his lovely white cock. No actual ladies were present there, of course, and although we got horny talking about girls, the FACT remains I submitted to HIS pleasure – and did what I Could for HIS pleasure – and so in that regard, I do believe cuckolds in general are far, far more submissive than your average male sub and thats one of the reasons true male subs should ENJOY cuckolding, hehe.

In Garima Madam’s bitch, I wrote about looking at Jerome’s large black soles, intertwined with Madam’s delicate Indian soles – and that, to me is a POV I neglected to mention in my last email that really really turns me on!

And as a true submissive – for her – I’d gladly kiss, worship and massage Master Jerome’s feet – his ass – his balls – and even his smelly underwear – all because of HER!

But I’d still be submitting to them both, my friend.

But would I be gay??

I think not!

So – for those of you male subs that are experiencing guilt trips over this – cease right now – it just aint’ worth it!

And that’s that for today’s email. Back again with more!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Ah, but wait. You don’t get off so easily, sissy boy! Let’s face it, cocks turn you on, and you’d love to be the “center of attention” sucking cocks pointed at your face – and be a cum dumpster. You’re not a real man, boy! You’re a sissy girl – and faggot – and you’ll remain that, you little GAY faggot!

… Hehe. Isn’t the humiliation a real turn on? Showl is – more of the SAME here —

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