“P spot” bliss – and more!

Dear Reader,

Oh my! Never did I think for a moment while writing my last piece on prostrate massage that the response would be so overwhelming – especially after a long lay off in posting, hehe.

But it was – OTC, if I may use the term – fetish is alive and KICKING (pun intended!), my friend – and so without further do – let’s get to it!

Before we proceed though, a word of “advice” if I may.

I’ve always maintained that “labels” are superficial and unnecessary when it comes to human relationships and sex – and BDSM in general – and it’s TRUE, my friend.

Life is shades of grey, and so is sexuality. There is nary a “straight” man that hasn’t fantasized about cocks at some point – and nary a straight “woman” that hasn’t been curious about female bodies as well – and everything in between.

And so it is with the “P spot”. Lots of guys have this mental block towards it thinking that inserting something into their anus (even if that’s a finger – either theirs or their partner’s) makes them “gay”.

This is one of the silliest ideas to bear in mind – and neither should you pay any attention to the label. Pay attention to the ACT – and how it makes you FEEL – and thats all that counts! The anal area is the second most erogenous zone for men after the genital region, and it would be foolish to ignore it just because …

Anyway, I’ve been having so many “P” orgasms as of late that the regular ones (when I do get to have them, hehe) feel more like an additional treat – or even a “side dish” if I may (unless my SO chooses to combine both, and while that is mind blowing it doesnt happen too often ;-)).

We aren’t big on toys, so most of this occurs either via my finger or hers – and here is where it gets interesting.

If you as a man really, really do not enjoy anal play (though chances are MOST, if not all men WILL) – then you CAN still be milked without most of the pleasure – and if you (which you will!) DO – well – the possibilities are literally endless in terms of mind blowing, earth shattering orgasms – and pleasure like you as a male sub have NEVER felt before, either mentally or physically.

I will limit this post to men – and male submissiveness, but guys – remember that while your lady doesn’t have a prostrate – anal play done right feels extremely good for women too – so get those lips, tongues and fingers working overtime!

And one of my most favorite things to do, either solo or with her, is gental rectal / P spot stimulation, along with nipple play, and the proper amount of “sexy talk” (humiliation in my case!).

“My lover was so good last night! And all you get is THIS … hee, hee!” (this, by the way was an actual excerpt from what the imperious Madam Su used to say – her of the Sophia Bai fame, hehe) …

(Thank you so much, Madam Sophia!)

“You’re such a kinky little slut, aren’t you? Don’t you just love being fucked!?”

“Aren’t you thinking of those delicious, long, curved dicks?”

And so forth, depending upon your kink.

The key is to RELAX, and get yourself in a relaxed mental state, and ENJOY the back and forth motion as whatever is in your ass starts the “in and out” process.

And the key also is this – do NOT focus upon an orgasm at first, or at all! The MAIN thing is to get used to the sensations – the waves of pleasure that will come to you as a male sub if you let them – and the sheer waves of ecstasy that will FLOOD your entire body when combined with a healthy dose of mental imagery and the right humiliation (or whatever your kink is!).

As you get used to it, you’ll see how incredibly easy it is – and how addicting it is – to get used to anal play – and as you go further and further, you’ll feel a sensation build in your groin that makes you feel as if you want to pee.

This, unfortunately is where most men give up. Big mistake – DON’T!

Fight the thought processes of “I’m going to pee” – – and just let it happen. Believe me, you won’t pee – but you’ll experience the most forceful of releases – of semen – than you ever have – WITHOUT the regular penile contractions of an orgasm.

You’ll also feel the prostrate (an oval shaped gland) harden just before release (as opposed to ejaculation) – and you can either touch, tease, or gently “prod” the area depending upon how you feel. And as you do so, you’l literally “piss a load” if that makes sense – and you will see what I mean when you actually experience this!

Now, how you feel while all this happens depends. Personally, I love having my nipples played  with and I experience sheer bliss when the above happens – WITHOUT a hard on – and without touching my dick one bit, believe it or not.

And those two things right there are KEY too for male subs. After all, bitches don’t get hard ons, do they? And they don’t deserve orgasms, do they? 😉

What a turn on!

And since you don’t get the penile contractions associated with a regular orgasm, the T levels in your body stay spiked – and you stay aroused – ready to serve your Mistress with renewed vigor. None of the downtime associated with a regular male orgasm – which is good for all concerned!

And if your Madam is looking to drain you – for purely health benefits and nothing more, well, simply put all sexy thoughts out of your mind and all nipple play etc “on hold” as she does it.

You’ll still experience what I have stated above – and a few tinges of subtle pleasure here or there – but most of all it will be mostly FRUSTRATION at being DRAINED – as she laughs at you – and that, my friend was something the imperious Sophia Bai, and many others did so well, hehe.

Last but not least, always remember that the penis itself is NOT the focus during “P” orgasms. Think of the penis as an enabler – or mere accessory as you get used to anal play (prostrate play in particular) or you risk missing out on the incredible sensations from the latter.

Once you’re used to it, you can of course combine blowjobs (for her man, of course, hehe) with prostrate stimulation – or stimulate his prostrate while he makes furious love to her – or have the same done to you – and be transported to another planet of pleasure altogether – but that is a SEPARATE topic – and one I’ll write about later.

Get used to THIS first – I promise you it will be an awakening for all you male subs out there (and possibly your ladies too) sexually!


Mike Watson

P.S. Prostrate orgasms are one way of teasing, denying and frustrating the placid, docile and SUBMISSIVE male, but it isn’t by any means the ONLY way. Here are more ways – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/ruined-orgasms/.

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