Prostrate massage, and the ultimate in male submissiveness. . .

Dear Reader,

About a couple of weeks ago, I had one of the most awesome sexual experiences ever – of the sort I’ve been having over the past six months!

On that note, I must apologize (once again), ladies and gentlemen (or Madam and Sir as the case might be ;-)) for my apparent tardiness in updating this blog. So much going on, and so little time – and yet – that isn’t an excuse, so I do apologize. Shouldn’t be an issue going ahead but I’ve said this in the past – lets see how take #2020 goes! (on that note – a very happy new year to all of you here on this list – albeit a month belated, hehe).

And now, on to the fun stuff.

She was a lovely Chinese lady (around 50 years of age), lying comfortably on her back as I massaged her back and ass with oil, just as SHE liked it, which means long circular strokes on the back without much pressure, and slightly more on the ass.

Ditto for her lovely legs – and of course her feet and soles which I paid special attention to.

“Not too hard, boy!” Madam admonished in that sexy voice of hers – and I swear, although I’m not even close to 50, the axiom I keep promoting “her age doesn’t matter – her mind does” really, really rang true at that point!

And it’s true – as I heard the quiet little snicker – that giggle that showed SHE was in FULL control of me – she seemed not a year older than 21 to be honest, and it wouldn’t matter if she was 21 or her current age. It IS her mind that matters – at least if you’re a true male sub!

After that, of course, you can guess what happened.

I spread those lovely ass cheeks of hers, and got to work with my lips and tongue for what seemed like forever, while she moaned in pleasure, occasionally turning over to let me do the same to her pussy, but she appeared to enjoy the ass play more (at least this time!).

She then rode me and commanded me not to cum until she ordered me to, and to make this possible, she twisted my nipples while riding me so hard that it almost made me wince – used to though and though I LOVE nipple play – she knew how to do it so that I did exactly what she wanted – and while that happened for a while, I soon came, so turned on was it.

No problem apparently – she turned over on her side and fell asleep, and when I wanted more, it was a sleepy response that was forthcoming.

“Massage me, boy! I’m done for now … ” (this time without the giggle, but a quiet moan of contentment as my dick started to harden again).

“Can you give me a ….” I inquired timidly, though I was shaking with lust all over.

“No blowjobs, and no handjobs”, she responded. “Press my feet!”

And as if to reinforce that point, she pushed me away – and as I massaged her soles with renewed vigor (and a liberal helping of massage oil), she soon fell asleep – while I remained horny and turned on as ever and a tad frustrated.

Now, I could probably have jerked off at that point – but it didnt “feel” right to me. After all, I hadn’t been given permission to, and …

.. and instinctively, before I knew it, I was lubing myself up – and a middle finger entered my anus gently, and the familiar, sexy feelings started to flow inside of me …

As Madam slept, there I was, moaning like a little bitch as my finger worked it’s way around my prostrate ever so gently.

Teasing, probing, manipulating, and soon it happened – a full milking – WITHOUT a hard on, mind you, and WITHOUT the lovely Sophia Bai who if you recall did them so well – and God (or Goddess!) did it feel good!

My entire body shook from head to toe, and the “release” (it wasn’t an orgasm) seemed to reverberate in my chest – body – and ALL over – and while I was exhausted at that point, it took me but a few minutes to get hard again looking at my sleeping partner. Something that does NOT occur with a full blown orgasm, mind you. . .

Two weeks or so later (now), I couldn’t control it any more and as I sit here after a shower where all I had to do was TOUCH my dick and I erupted right there – I’m sitting here writing this to you – with another hard on, hehe.

Prostrates on men, for those that don’t know is the little walnut shaped gland that sits in your anal area – about two knuckles or so in for most men. Feel your way around there gently, and you’ll find what they call the “P” spot (the male equivalent of the “G” spot, if I may.

And with good, good reason! Once you start prostrate play, youll find out that regular orgasms have been way overblown – and you can either have the most erotic orgasms WITHOUT a hard on if you do it right – or, if pure humiliation is your thing, and you do NOT enjoy ass play – that can be achieved too via ass play!

And as for the submissive twist?

Well, nothing says “I own you, bitch” more so than her pegging you (or him, but thats a different tale altogether!) – and nothing quite says you ENJOY being a bitch as you feel the erotic sensations running up and down your body – and eventually “release” – WITHOUT the satisfaction of a real orgasm – as she giggles and laughs at you, herself sated to the full (possibly with another partner as well!)

Believe me, done right, males rarely get HARD at all this way – and that just adds to the sheer humiliation of it all – but it FEELS so good that it is an ESSENTIAL tool in any Domina’s “book” – or any male submissive’s “how to”, hehe.

And of course, it’s key to note that full blown regular orgasms feel about 1000 times better (not kidding!) when you combine regular penile motions (either via a blowjob or actual sex) along with prostrate massage. And when he’s fucking your Goddess, the best thing you can do is to lick his ass thoroughly – and then start fingering HIM the way HE likes – and believe me – the end result will be nigh explosive – the icing on the cake, if I might say so, especially if you get to lick it off!!

You as a male sub don’t get regular penile stimulation though, hehe. You simply get to be penetrated – and “raped” – and understand that you’re truly a little bitch for her pleasure – and learn to enjoy it accordingly – and the “P” spot, my friends, is key to this entire experience!!

And believe it or not, there is a lot more to prostrate massages than just the above. It increases libido for male – has been known to fix erectile dysfunction effectively – and for those of you that “can’t last” – a bit of prostrate work right before actual sex should solve the issue quickly.

The beauty of prostrate orgasms are that they aren’t regular orgasms – and so the male gets to “keep going” – much like a woman can with her orgasms until he reaches a regular penile orgasm – preferably combined with prostrate massage!

And of course, the numerous health benefits to this practice … so many that I’m not going to mention it in this post. Suffice it to say that there is a darn good reason Emperors with huge harems in ancient China and India used to get their “P” spots regularly massaged . . .

OK, thats quite a lot for this email! I have a few posts on this planned – one specifically for those that enjoy the actual pleasure (along with the satisfaction of fully submitting) – and the other for those that enjoy the act of humiliation – and staying frustrated without the pleasure that goes along with it.

Stay tuned!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If the above sounds like a turn on – and it should if you’re a true male sub – or a lady that enjoys keeping a man in his RIGHTFUL place – then Humiliation Central will be manna for heaven for you. Pick it up right here – –

P.S #2 – Big dicks (black ones with cut heads, to be specific) and feet have been featuring a LOT as of late in my dreams – but that doesn’t’ come as a surprise does it? I will have more on that too soon – stay tuned!

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